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Land Management and Policy Processes

Fall 2012 quarter

Linda Moon Stumpff natural resource policy, public administration

This course explores the nexus points of policy, science, and management for public lands and the legal foundations for collaboration.  Major federal initiatives like The Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act deliver large discretionary components to managers who then develop implementation plans requiring informed public participation and collaboration with multiple organizations. State and local legislation evolves in similar directions.  The course design offers opportunities to research and critique model management programs in INTENATIONAL federal, tribal, state and local contexts.  Emphasis is on current issues like responses to climate change, GLOBAL LAND AND WATER ISSUES, renewable energy development, public participation, and strategies to achieve adaptive change.  Class activities include readings (6-8 books and articles),  three seminar papers, one field trip, presentations, one 2 page research topic paper and one 6-8 page research paper.) 

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Oct 5-7, 19-21, 5-9p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun
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