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NonProfit Theory and Practice: An Introduction

Fall 2012 quarter

Doreen Swetkis public and nonprofit administration, public policy, urban studies

Interest in nonprofit (or third sector) organizations has exploded as their importance and distinctiveness receives recognition as a unique area of study and practice.  Although nonprofit organizations share some key elements with those in the public and private sectors, this course focuses on the unique characteristics and topics of the nonprofit sector.  Some of these issues arise because of the nature of the sector, such as the prominent role of and heavy reliance on volunteerism, or the tension between organizational mission and funders' demands.   Additional issues are included because of significant changes in the nonprofit sector during the last few decades.  Increased involvement in policy making, enlarged roles in implementing former public agency services, the more cohesive identity of the sector as a significant piece of the economy and administrative state, and the heightened professionalism all converge to make the daily management of nonprofit organizations in the twenty-first century a challenging task.

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Sep 29-30, Oct 13-14, Nov 10, 9a-5p Sat/Sun
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