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Public Administration at the Edge: Emerging Critical Theories


Summer 2013 quarter

Amy Gould political science, public policy
Preparatory for studies or careers in
Public Administration, Public Management, Public Service Thematic Planning Groups : Master of Public Administration; Society, Politics, Behavior, and Change Fields of Study : government, law and government policy, law and public policy, leadership studies, political science  

Our work together in this class will involve exploration, deep critique, and broad analysis of new and emerging theories on the edge of the study and practice of public administration. These theories are considered on the edge because they are not typically found in textbooks, the mainstream media, or generally discussed by policy makers. Often, theories on the edge are considered fringe ideas not readily accepted by existing dominant paradigms. However, in our shared “new normal” of social, economic, and political instability, perhaps these fringe theories are precisely the ideas those of us living and working at the epicenter of public life should be reviewing. Critical theories challenge hegemonic paradigms and seek to make the invisible visible through mental emancipation. If public policies represent the struggle over ideas, then we can have no greater lesson to learn than what the emerging ideas are in public administration today. We will focus on very current material from academic and practitioner journals, conferences, webcasts, and films. In this course students will engage in extensive group discourse, public speaking, and written analyses to enhance critical thinking skills through effective communication. 

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June 25 & 29-30, July 16 & 20-21, Tues 6-10p Sat/Sun 9a-5p
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Program Revisions

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June 26th, 2013 Cancelled due to low enrollment.