2012-13 Catalog

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Advanced Research with Alison Styring

Summer 2013 quarter

Alison Styring ornithology
Fields of Study
environmental studies and natural history

Rigorous quantitative and qualitative research is an important component of academic learning in Environmental Studies. This independent learning opportunity is designed to allow advanced students to delve into real-world research with faculty who are currently engaged in specific projects. The program will help students develop vital skills in research design, data acquisition and interpretation, written and oral communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills—all of which are of particular value for students who are pursuing a graduate degree, as well as for graduates who are already in the job market.

Alison Styring studies birds. Current activity in her lab includes avian bioacoustics, natural history, and bird monitoring and research in the campus forest and nearby prairies. Bioacoustic research includes editing and identifying avian songs and calls from the campus forest and an extensive collection of sounds from Bornean rainforests. Work with birds in the campus forest and local prairies includes surveys (observational, acoustic, and in some cases, bird banding) of permanent ecological monitoring plots in The Evergreen State College campus forest and nearby prairies.

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Online Learning
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Upper Division Science Credit
Students enrolling in undergraduate research with Alison Styring must be prepared to conduct upper division science work.  Upper division science credit will be awarded to students who meet predetermined standards for the specific project they work on (which will be discussed and outlined at the beginning of the quarter).
Offered During
Day, Evening and Weekend