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Education and Funds of Knowledge


Fall 2012 quarter

Leslie Flemmer teacher education, critical pedagogy
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Education, Cultural Studies

We all possess skills, talents, and abilities that help us negotiate our educational, cultural, social, and linguistic networks. Some of us may be familiar with these "cultural artifacts" and their use in our daily, lived experiences; or they may remain unrealized and untapped as a tool for knowledge construction. Funds of knowledge is defined by researchers Luis Moll, Cathy Amanti, Deborah Neff, and Norma Gonzalez "to refer to the historically accumulated and culturally developed bodies of knowledge and skills essential for household or individual functioning and well-being."

This course will explore how Funds of Knowledge used as a method of teaching can provide schools, teachers, and members of the community with opportunities to learn more about their students and their families in new and distinct ways. Students with an interest in education can begin to examine how their own households contain rich cultural, historical, and cognitive resources that should be used in classrooms to provide culturally relevant and responsive lessons that tap students’ prior knowledge.

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5:30-9:30p Wed
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May 11th, 2012 New course added May 11, 2012.