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Freedom: Education

Winter 2013 quarter

Bill Arney sociology

What is the aim of education? Self-awareness? Self expression? The good life? An above-average job in a congenial community? Culture? Collaborative and responsible participation in our diverse society? Creative disobedience? To become a life-long student? "The creation of possessions for all time, the creation of beauty and the discovery of significant truths, as well as the performance of good acts"? Before you answer, remember: You're college students, so

Don't be in a hurry; carry this question about with you, but do at any rate consider it day and night. For you are now at the parting of the ways, and now you know where each path leads. If you take the one, your age will receive you with open arms, you will not find it wanting in honors and decorations: you will form units of an enormous rank and file; and there will be as many like-minded standing behind you as in front of you... On the other path you will have few fellow-travelers: it is more arduous, winding and precipitous; and those who take the first path will mock you, for your progress is more wearisome, and they will try to lure you over into their own ranks. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

We'll not hurry. We will take our time with good responses to our question. The answer you decide on could change your life.

The program will include an independent study of considerable significance, undertaken individually or in a group, and contemplative practices.

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