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Great Spaces


Spring 2013 quarter

Jennifer Gerend urban planning , Anthony Tindill sustainable design
Fields of Study
architecture, community studies, geography, government and sustainability studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
architecture, urban planning and design, and government.

In this program we consider the beloved urban spaces where people come to stroll, browse shops and restaurants, push a child in a stroller or walk a dog. In these places we meet friends, hold community festivals and more solemn events. Some spaces are always bustling, while others are largely avoided. Design plays a major part. What regulations guide the design of a space, and who is involved in the design process? How can communities participate? How are historically significant sites considered, and what is “worthy” of preservation? We will explore urban design principles and their application (or lack thereof) in communities throughout the Northwest and on our own campus.

Students will gain an introduction to the fields of architecture, urban planning and historic preservation through the shared focus on urban design. We will read influential texts, examine images, and visit places with a critical eye on the individual components that comprise an urban setting.

We will engage in careful readings of the texts, seminar discussion, case studies, writing assignments, and field trips. In studio workshop time, students will have an opportunity to explore design thinking and urban design principles in a theoretical design project.

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May 14th, 2012 New program added.