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Integrative Evolution (...Evolution is for the Birds)


Winter 2013 quarter

Jennifer Calkins biology, animal studies, literature
Fields of Study
biology, ecology, environmental studies, natural history and zoology
Preparatory for studies or careers in
Ecology, evolutionary biology
Some college level biology or the equivalent.

How do patterns of organismal diversity across the globe relate to patterns at the molecular genomic level?  How does this organismal and genomic diversity reflect past and current evolutionary forces?

After documenting patterns of global biodiversity, Charles Darwin created the framework for the way we view evolution today.  Without knowing the actual mechanism for inheritance, Darwin explicitly stated that the evolutionary patterns we observe across living organisms are the result of processes occurring at multiple levels. In this program, we will use molecular genomic and computational approaches to examine these multiple levels and link them to patterns of evolution at the organismal level.

Using birds as a model group, we will investigate evolution at multiple levels from genomic to organismal, species to class. Our explorations will integrate data to generate a more cohesive picture of evolution.  While we will focus on birds as an example for how to integrate these multiple levels of organization, we will also examine how this approach applies to other taxonomic groups.

We will explore these concepts through lectures, molecular wet labs, computational genomic labs and seminar sessions. Readings will include  Speciation in Birds  by Trevor Price and papers from peer-reviewed scientific journals. We will also complete a program-wide sequencing project and molecular evolution project.  


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Schedule Details
Mon 10:30-3:00, Tues 9:00-4:00, Thurs 10:00-3:00  Possible overnight field trip to Friday Harbor Labs:  February 18-21
Required Fees
$150 for overnight field trip
Upper Division Science Credit
Upper division science credits will be awarded to students who successfully complete the program requirements.
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