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Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Management


Spring 2013 quarter

Peter Impara geography, landscape studies
Fields of Study
botany, ecology, environmental studies, geography, natural history and zoology
Preparatory for studies or careers in
landscape and ecological studies, geography, land use, resource management and conservation.
Basic ecology or life sciences useful. Understanding of resource management approaches and agencies also useful, but not necessary. 

At what scale should we manage or study an ecosystem or landscape? What is a natural landscape, and how do (or can) we manage it? Geographers and ecologists have pondered the question of scale in ecosystems, and how to apply scale issues to conservation and research. Many ecosystem and related studies have been conducted at fine spatial scales, yet many of the problems and issues of resource management and conservation are best approached at broader, landscape-level spatial scales. This program will investigate broader scale approaches to on-going conservation and management activities in important ecosystems and approaches of scientists regarding the issues of scale and the ecological patterns and processes used to define "natural systems."

Scale, landscape analysis and pattern-process interactions will be addressed using computer labs in GIS and spatial analysis. Students will learn about landscape ecology concepts through lectures, field trips to nearby natural areas to observe pattern-process interactions, and through the design and implementation of a landscape ecology research project. Through class and field work students will learn about important ecological principles such as disturbance regimes, biotic diversity and species flow, nutrient and energy flows, and landscape change over time. Seminar readings will tie landscape ecology principles to on-going ecosystem management activities.

Students will develop skills in ecological pattern and spatial analysis, natural history and field interpretation, and the generation of multiple research hypotheses and methods to address those hypotheses.

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Upper Division Science Credit
Upper division science credit may be awarded in GIS and spatial analysis, landscape ecology, and ecosystem research for advanced work in the program. This work will be centered around a group independent project analyzing an ecological pattern-process interaction.
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February 25th, 2013 New opportunity added.