2012-13 Catalog

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Plant Biology

Summer 2013 quarter

Lalita Calabria botany, phytochemistry, systematics
Fields of Study
biology, botany and field studies

This lab and field-based botany course is designed as an introduction to the evolution and diversity of land plants. In lectures, we will survey the major groups of the Plant Kingdom including bryophytes, seedless vascular plants, gymnosperms, and angiosperms. We will also draw on contemporary scientific journals articles to enrich our understanding of important biological concepts and to apply this understanding to current events. In labs, students will gain hands-on experience studying plants with microscopes as we examine the form and function of plant organs, cells, and tissues. On field trips and campus plant walks, students will learn to recognize and identify some of the common native plants of the Pacific Northwest.

Advertised Schedule
1-5p Tue/Thu (Jun. 25 - Jul. 25) plus four Saturday field trips 9a-4p (Jun. 29, Jul. 6, 20, 27)
Online Learning
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Required Fees
$20 lab fee plus $35 for field trips and lab supplies
Offered During
Day and Weekend