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Sea Change: The Science of Climate Change in the Oceans


Spring 2013 quarter

Trisha Towanda invertebrate physiology, marine science
Fields of Study
environmental studies, marine science and writing
Preparatory for studies or careers in
marine science, environmental science, environmental studies, marine research, and science journalism.
Students must demonstrate successful completion of a minimum of one year of college-level natural science (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics) with labs.

Studying climate change processes in the ocean frequently requires approaches that are unique to the marine environment. In this program, we will study the instruments and methods that allow us to conduct science beneath the sea. Lectures will cover marine topics in climate change and regional ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.

We will explore various marine ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest through a series of formal field exercises, including a multi-day field trip on the Olympic Coast. Students will maintain detailed field notebooks with observations, questions and hypotheses that will be the foundation of subsequent literature research. Working in groups, students will write formal scientific reports on each site to address effects of climate change. Students will also conduct a poster session on oceanographic instruments used to study various physical, geological, chemical and biological phenomena in the ocean. 

Weekly seminar sessions will allow each student opportunities to facilitate seminars on primary scientific literature. In addition, students will interpret scientific literature regarding effects of rapid global climate change on marine systems for non-scientist audiences though various media forms. Through final group presentations, students will convey the scientific research behind efforts to address the impacts of global climate change on marine environments.  

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Required Fees
$170.00 for overnight field trips.
Upper Division Science Credit
Upper division science credit in Climate Change Research and Marine Science Fieldwork may be awarded upon successful completion of the program at the discretion of the faculty.
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March 6th, 2013 New program added.