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The Nisqually River: From Mountain Goats to Geoducks


Winter 2013 quarter

Jeff Antonelis-Lapp environmental education
Fields of Study
environmental studies, natural history and outdoor leadership and education
Preparatory for studies or careers in
education, environmental education, and biology.

The Nisqually River originates high on the southern slopes of Mount Rainier and courses its way to the lowlands, entering Puget Sound just east of Olympia. The only U.S. river that begins in a national park and ends in a national wildlife refuge, it flows through a military base, an Indian reservation, public and private lands en route to its estuary at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.

We will study the Nisqually River watershed in multiple contexts, including: the river's natural history, with a focus on learning 50 birds common to the watershed; the river's human history from precontact times to the present; the contemporary partnerships and projects that make the Nisqually River Council an international model of collaboration in watershed restoration and stewardship; and issues the river and local inhabitants face that relate to climate change. We will also partner with local schools, learning how students are engaged in watershed stewardship and assist them in conducting water quality monitoring tests throughout the watershed.

A four-day field trip that includes a one-day float trip will introduce students to the upper reaches of the river and ongoing restoration projects on the middle sections of the river. Additional one-day field trips will allow students to study the watershed's birds in the field and learn about restoration efforts at the river's estuary. Students will also create and lead lessons that teach about some of the watershed's bird life. All students in the program will be required to participate in the Green Congress on Friday March, 22 (the final day of evaluation week) during which Evergreen will host 400 elementary school students for a day of Nisqually River watershed presentations and workshops.

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$300 for a 3-night field trip to Mount Rainier.
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October 17th, 2012 New program added.