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Toward Becoming a Teacher

Winter 2013 quarter

Steve Cifka
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Many idealistic, well-intentioned new teachers find themselves frustrated by their early experiences in public schools and soon leave public education entirely. This frustration is not inevitable. This course, taught by an Evergreen graduate with more than 30 years’ experience teaching in public schools, will explore the skills needed to become a passionate, powerful teacher in the 21st century. We will investigate some of the inevitable struggles—both political and personal—that teachers encounter in public schools today, and we will hear how passionate teachers overcome those tensions. This course may be of particular interest to upper-division students who are considering careers in education, but will also interest any student who wishes to look closely at issues in public education today. As part of this course, students who plan to apply to the Master in Teaching program can begin the classroom observations required for application.
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6-10p Thu
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