2012-13 Catalog

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Undergraduate Research in Scientific Inquiry with B. Simon


Summer 2013 quarter

Benjamin Simon microbiology
Fields of Study
biology and health

Benjamin Simon (biology) is interested in immunology, bacterial and viral pathogenesis, vaccine development and gene therapy applications. Recent focus has been on developing novel methods for vaccine delivery and immune enhancement in finfish. Specific projects include using attenuated bacteria to deliver either protein-based or nucleic acid vaccines in vivo and investigating bacterial invasion mechanisms. In collaboration with Betty Kutter (faculty emerita) other projects include characterization of bacteriophage targeting the fish pathogen Yersinia ruckeri and elucidation of phage and host activities in stationary-phase E. coli infected with T4 bacteriophage. Students with a background in biology and chemistry will gain experience in laboratory research methods, including microbiological techniques, tissue culture and recombinant DNA technology, and may have opportunities to present data at regional and national conferences.

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Program Revisions

Date Revision
June 4th, 2013 Changed from 8 credits to variable credit (2 to 8)