2012-13 Catalog

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Web Design and Programming

Summer 2013 quarter

Richard Weiss mathematics, computer science , Arlen Speights computer studies
Fields of Study
computer science

In this course, students will learn the basics of Web programming. There has been a shift in recent years from writing web pages in HTML to using content management systems.   Modifying these systems and creating templates requires some programming, and it also emphasizes the design process.  The designer needs to be concerned with the content and the user experience.  Our class will include CSS interface design, search engine optimization, programming in JavaScript and PHP, and SQL database design.  In order to accommodate a range of interests and backgrounds, each student may choose to focus on design or programming.  Students should have an interest in programming, but need not have programming experience.  However, having either some programming or HTML and CSS experience would be helpful. 

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1-5p Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu (Jul. 29 - Aug. 29)
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