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      Program offerings beginning summer quarter Schedule
Status Title Session DAY=days
EWS=evenings, weekends
  Art of Public Speaking: Speaking Without Fear (The) Full DAY: T, W
  Dance Inquiry Full DAY: M, T
  Instructional Technology: Tools for Teaching Towards Innovation Full EWS: Sat
  Statistics: From Numbers to Stories – Quantifying Life Experiences First DAY: M, T, W
  Studies in Therapy Through the Arts Full DAY: T, W, Th

The Art of Public Speaking: Speaking Without Fear

8 or 16 credits full session
Artee Young, (253) 680-3026
TW, 10a-1p and 6-9p
Special expenses: $10 for tickets to three public/community speeches
CRN: 40012 (16 cr); 40013 (8 cr)

This course is designed for students who fear speaking in public and those who desire to improve upon their public speaking skills. Theories and practices of communication will be addressed as well as emotional responses to speaking in public. The course will provide ample opportunities for students to research topics of their own choosing and to practice effective public speaking. The course is geared to students contemplating careers in education, law, public policy, human services and community betterment.


Dance Inquiry

8 credits either session or 16 credits full session
MTu, 10a-1p
Special expenses: $25 for field trips (performance)
CRN: 40055 (full session); 40056 (1st session); 40057 (2nd session)

This program is designed to examine one's own body process through anatomy, history, media and movement. Using technology, students will journal and analyze movement which will culminate in an autobiographical choreo-poem. Students will also witness several dance performances and rehearsals. No proper dance training is needed.


Instructional Technology: Tools for Teaching Towards Innovation

4 credits full session
Luversa Sullivan, (253) 680-3000
Sat, 2-5p
Special expenses: $50 for CD, DVD, DV tapes
CRN: 40214

Students in this class will work on developing skills needed to create multimedia products. Students will learn Video Production, 3D Animation, Music and DVD Authoring. Students will also explore the use of Final Cut Pro, 3D studio MAX, Acid (software for music), and DVD Pro (a DVD authoring tool). Using the design-based learning concept, multimedia students will collaborate to collect content and produce an integrated project using sound, animation, text, video and graphics. Students will express, explore and experiment with multiple media tools. This project-based learning requires the student to create video using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, animate characters and text with Macromedia MX Flash, work with 3D animation using 3D Studio MAX and author a CD and DVD. We will also cover the fundamentals of video editing, storyboarding and scriptwriting.


Statistics: From Numbers to Stories - Quantifying Life Experiences

6 credits first session
Tyrus Smith, 867-3035
MTW, 10a-1p
CRN: 40184

This course will explore the interdisciplinary use of quantitative reasoning and statistics to explain aspects of the physical and social world. Course content will connect theory, methods of data collection and analysis to understand and apply descriptive and inferential statistics. In addition, students will evaluate the reasoning underlying explanations and assessments of social, economic and environmental problems. The majority of student work will consist of workshops and in-class activities preparing students to design and analyze a collaborative research project. This course is designed for students in the fields of education, sociology, psychology, environmental studies, law, public policy, or any student considering graduate studies.


Studies in Therapy Through the Arts

8 credits either session or 16 credits full session
Gilda Sheppard, (253) 680-3033 and Carl Waluconis,(253) 680-3032
TWTh,10a-1p and 6-9p
CRN: 40185 (full session); 40186 (1st session); 40187 (2nd session)

Throughout history art has served to awaken creative processes. Artistic expression has proven to have the ability to communicate human feelings that cannot be expressed by words alone. This course will explore the role that movement, visual art, music and media can play in problem solving and in the resolution of internalized fear, conflicts or blocks. Through a variety of hands-on activities, field trips, readings, films/video and guest speakers, students will discover sources of imagery, sound and movement as tools to awaken their creative problem solving from two perspectives-as creator and viewer. Students interested in human services, media and education will find this course engaging. This course does not require any prerequisite art classes or training.

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