Known Status(as of April 2005)
Positions Held
Aldridge, William  1970-1991 Founding Faculty: Social Sciences
Alexander, Richard W. 1970-1996 Retired/Emeritus Founding Faculty/Academic Dean:
English Literature, Humanities
Allen, Nancy 1971- 2005 Retired/Emeritus Faculty, Literature, Language (Spanish)
Sem 3121 ext. 6754
Anderson, Lee R. 1971-1981 Faculty:  Physical Sciences
Anderson, Richard 1971-1974 Faculty: Law
Arguelles, Jose A 1970-1974 Faculty: Arts and Art History, Humanities
Barnard, W. Robert 1970-1980 Founding Faculty 
Chemistry, Audio-Visual Communications
Barringer, Robert L. 1969-1972 Dir. Computer Services
Barry, David G. 1969-1974 V.P. Academic Affairs & Provost
Beck, Gordon E. 1971-1996 Retired/Emeritus  Faculty: Arts
Bowden, Ward 1967/68 Deceased 1968 Interim PIO
Brackenbush, Rita (aka Rita Sevcik) 1969/03/01 (retired 2002) Administrative Assistant to the President
Brian, Richard B. 1970-1996 Retired/Emeritus Founding Faculty Mathematics/Statistics
Brodin, Buel 1968-1969 Assis. to Exec. Dir. (1968)
Director of Financial Planning (1969)
Brown, Carl J. 1970-1972 Director of Personnel
Brown, David W. 1970-1973 Director of Admissions
Burke, Gerald G. 1971-1973 Director of Housing
Cadwallader, Mervyn L. 1970-1976 Dean of Soc. Sci.(1970-1972)
Faculty (1973-1976): Social Sciences/ Sociology
Carnahan, David J. 1969-1980 Associate Dean of Library Services (1969-1972)
Audio-Visual Coord. (1973-1980) 
Caulfield, Monica 1970-1976 Chief Librarian, Media processing unit
Chan, Donald 1972-1986 Faculty: Music
Clabaugh, Dean 1967-1980 Deceased 1980 Exec.Dir. (1967-69)
Business Manager (1968-69)
Administrative V.P. 1969-1980
Crowe, Beryl L. 1970-1995 Emeritus/Deceased 1995 Founding Faculty: Political Science
Delgado, Medard L. 1971-1976 Faculty: Education/Spanish
Dickinson, Margaret P. 1971-1977 (as of October 2002 in Northern California) Faculty: Art
Dobbs, Carolyn E. 1971- Current Faculty  Lab I 1003/Ext. 6860 Faculty (1971- 1986 & 1996- ): Urban Planning
Academic Dean (1987-1990 & 1992-1995)
V.P. Student Affairs(Interim) (1990-1991)
Doerksen, Arnold Jay 1970-1982 Purchasing Agent (1970-1978)
Assistant Director, Facilities (1978-1982)
Donohue, Kenneth A. 1970-1976 Administrative Assistant to Provost/
Interim Coordinator, Cooperative Education
Eickstaedt, Lawrence L. 1970-1996 Retired/Emeritus Founding Faculty: Natural Sciences, Biology, Zoology
Eldridge, Lester W. 1971-1983 Became Thurston County Commissioner in 1983/84- Director of Financial Aid
Special Assistant to the President
Assistant to the President
Esquivel,Alfred Cruz 1971-1978 Faculty: Humanities
Estes, Betty R. Active career 1971-1998
Retired/Emeritus 1998
Faculty: Natural Science, History of Science
Finley, John C. 1970-1971 (moved to Seattle?) Dean, Developmental Services
Gerstl, Theodore L. 1971-1980 Faculty: Applied Behavioral Science
Harding, Philip R. 1971-1997 Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Architecture
Heard, Donald G. 1971-1971 Killed in auto accident Faculty: Art
Herman, Steven G. 1971-2001 Retired/Emeritus
Faculty: Natural Sciences, Biology
Hillaire, Mary Ellen 1971-1983 Deceased
First woman faculty hire, Faculty: Native American Studies, Sociology/Social Work, Education
Hirzel, Ellwood J. 1970-1997 Retired Staff Photographer, Photographic Specialist, Photo/Media Specialist, Director Photo Services
Staff, Media Loan
Hitchens, David L. 1970-2011 Retired/Emeritus
Founding Faculty: History
Hoffman, Ron A. 1970-1974 Deceased Dir. Business Services (1970-1974) (Other State Employment thereafter)
Holly, James F. 1969-1974 Fired First Dean, Library Services (Founded Asterisk and Cheese Library on Olympia's Westside after leaving College) Now Deceased
Humphrey, Donald G.
1970-1984 Retired
Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (1970-1973)
Faculty, Natural Sciences (1974-1984)
Humphreys, Willard C. Jr. 1971-1989 Deceased 1989 Founding Faculty: Philosophy, History of Science, Mathematics (1970-1979 & 1981-1989)
Academic Dean (1979-1980)
Johnson, James O. 1970-1997  Retired Systems Analyst/Programmer (1970-1981)
Administrative Services Manager  (1982-1985)
Director Computer Center (1986-1997)
Johnson, Karl N. 1969-1974 Administative Architect 
Jones, Richard M. 1970-1989 Emeritus/Deceased 1990 Founding Faculty: Social Sciences, Psychology
Kahan, Linda B. 1971-2002 Retired/Emeritus
Faculty, Biology
Kormondy, Dr. Edward J. 1973-1979) Chancellor, U of Hawaii  (1980 - ) (Retired as of 1990?) Faculty (1971-1973): Biology/Ecology
V.P. Academic Affairs and Provost (1973-1979)
Langston, Peter 1971-1974 Programmer, Computer Services 
Larson, Eric H. 1971-1995 Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Cultural Anthropology
Mace, Donald C. 1969-1972 Construction Coordinator 
Marr, David 1971- Current Faculty
Lab II 2249/ext.6751
Faculty: Literature, American Studies
Marrom, Rod 1971-1975 Security Supervisor 
Marsh, Paul A. 1971-1982 Faculty: Art
Martin, S. Rudolph, Jr. 1970-1997 Retired/Emeritus Founding Faculty: American Studies, English
Matheny-(White), Patricia 1970-1998 Retired/Emeritus Library/Faculty (Reference)
McCann, Charles J. 1968-1992 Retired/Emeritus 1993 First President (1968-74)
Faculty (1975-1992)
McCarty, Doris 1971-1981 Bookstore manager 
McNeil, Earle W. 1971-1998 Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Sociology
Meshery, Tom  1971-1971 Faculty: Physical Education, Creative Writing, French
Milne, David 1971- 2003 Retired/Emeritus
Faculty: Biology, Natural Sciences, Environmental Science
Moss, John T. 1970-1976 Student Accounts Supervisor 
Munro, John 1970- 80 Systems analyst
Nickolaus, Donald O. 1970-88 Senior Systems Analyst Fiscal Management
Nichols, Dick 1968-74 Information Services Officer 
Nisbet, Charles T. 1971- 1999  Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Economics
Olexa, Carol 1971-79 Faculty: Sociology
Olson, Harry F. 1970-74 Building Maintenance Supervisor 
Pailthorp, Charles N. 1971- Current Faculty
Lab II 2266/6158
Faculty: Philosophy (1971-1988 & 1994- )
Academic Dean (1988-1994)
Parry, Donald S. 1969-74 Director of Plant Operations 
Parson, Willie 1971- 2005 Retired/Emeritus
Faculty: Biology
Academic Dean (1974-1978)
Patterson, Lynn D.
(now DeDanaan)
1971-2000 Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Anthropology
Academic Dean (1974-1976)
Paull, Kenneth W. 1970-1972 Deceased 1972/3 Coordinator of Library Systems.
Phare, Darrell W. 1971-74 Faculty: Education, Minority Studies
Phipps, William Arthur 1969-74 Staff Architect
Portnoff, Gregory
(now Stuewe-Portnoff)
1971-1994 Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Psychology
Robinson, Peter 1971-74 Faculty: History, Political Science
Saari, Albin T. 1970-  L2600D/6047 Engineering Services Technician (1970-1978?)
Media Engineering Manager (1979-1986?)
Chief, Media Engineering Services (1986-1992?)
Assistant Director, Electronic Maint. & Engineering (1993-2000)
Sampson, Ralph E. 1971-1974 Materials & Transportation Manager
Schillinger, Jerry L. 1969-1976 First Director of Facilities
Sells, John A. 1970-1978 Construction Coordinator, Halls Construction Co.
Sethre, Robert A. 1970-1971 Director of  College Relations
Shoben, Edward Joseph, Jr. 1969-1974 First Executive Vice President
Sinclair, Leon R. (Pete) 1971-2000 Retired/ Emeritus Faculty: Literature
Sluss, Robert 1970-1991 Retired/Emeritus Founding Faculty: Biology, Natural Sciences
Smith, LeRoi Matthew-Pierre III 1971-81 (Worked for Port of Seattle after TESC) Faculty: Psychology
Smith, Perrin C. 1970-1974 Registrar
Sogge, Ralph H. 1971-1972 Faculty: Sound and Film Sound Engineering
Soule, Oscar H. 1971- 2004 Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Biology, Environmental Science
Director, master of environmental Studies Program (1985-?)
Steilberg, Peter, Jr. 1971-1999 Retired Director of Recreation/Athletics
Stenberg, Larry R. 1970-1991 Director of Counseling Services (1970-74)
Dean of Enrollment Services (1974-1986)
Director of Community and Alumni Relations (1986-1991)
Stepherson, Lemuel A. 1971-1976 Director of Counseling Services (1971-1975)
Faculty (1975-1976)
Stilson, Malcolm H. 1969-1986 Retired/Staff Emeritus Spec. Asst. to Dean of Libr. Serv.(1969-70)
Staff Libr. (1970-1972)
Chief of User Services/Gov. Docs/Periodicals/Archivist (assigned positions varied 1972-1982)
Head of Reference (1982-1986)  
Strecker, Robert A. 1969-1979 Plant Engineer  (Mechanical Engineer)
Tabbutt, Frederick D. 1970-1998 Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Taylor, Nancy 1970- 2005 Retired/Emeritus
Admissions Counselor (1970-1971)
Faculty (1971- ): History, Education
Taylor, Peter B. 1971-1996 Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Oceanography
Teske, Charles B. 1970-1998 Retired/Emeritus 1999 First Dean of Humanities (1970-75)
Faculty (1976-1999)
Thompson, Kirk 1971-1999 Retired/Faculty Emeritus (moved to California) Faculty: Political Science
Unsoeld, William F. 1970-1979 Deceased (killed in avalanche on Mt. Rainier 1979) Founding Faculty: Philosophy, Theology
Webb, E. Jackson 1970-1978 Founding Faculty: English, d. 1997 brain cancer. Last academic post at Pierce College, Tacoma.
White, Sidney D. 1970-1991 Retired/Emeritus Founding Faculty: Art, Director (FT) Exhibit Touring Services (1979-1983 )
Wiedemann, Alfred M. 1970-2005 Retired/ Emeritus Founding Faculty: Biology, Botany
Winkley, Kenneth 1968-1990 Retired as VP for Business Controller, Business Office
Young, Frederick H 1970-1974 Deceased Founding Faculty (First hired faculty): Mathematics
Youtz, Byron L 1970-1991 Retired/Emeritus Deceased 1991 Founding Faculty: Physics (1970-1978, 1983-1991)
Dean of Natural Sciences 
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