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Category Description Category Description
1972-07 People/Portraits, TESC Founding Faculty and Staff - Planning Year  
1972-07 People/Portraits, TESC Staff 1968-1995; 1972-07 Academic Affairs: Box 11: Instructional Equipment, etc.:
1972-07 People/Portraits, TESC Faculty 1970--; 1972-07 Student Affairs, Campus Life Box 5—CAB: Kaos, Bookstore, Cafetaria, Deli, Women’s Center, Bicycle Shop, C.P.J. (5" x 7")
1972-07 Administration/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs - Faculty and Staff Portraits (unsorted by Provenance) 1972-07 Student Affairs Box 6 Campus Life - Daycare Interaction w/Administration (5" x 7")
1972-07 Administration: College Advancement:College Relations Box 2 - Alumni Association: Alumni: (5" x 7") 1972-07 Student Affairs Box 7 Campus Life, Outdoor Recreation, and Leisure Activities (5" x7")
1972-07 Academic Affairs: Box 3: Library - Student Portraits, SPLU LAB: 1972-07 Student Affairs Box 8 Campus Life - Events; Concerts, Dances, Plays, Rehearsals, Lectures, Exhibits (5" x 7")
1972-07 Academic Affairs: Box 4: Academic Programs - Program Retreats and Field Trips, Seminars and Classes 1972-07 Student Affairs Box 9 Campus Life - Events, Super Saturday, Graduation, Academic Fair, Tribute to Japan;
1972-07 Academic Affairs: Box 6: Arts Curriculum Student Portraits - Art and Design, Music, Performance, Media: 1972-07 Student Affairs Box 10 Campus Life (3" x 5" color)
1972-07 Academic Affairs:Box 7: Scientific Inquiry and Computer Science Curriculum:Student Portraits - 1972-07 Miscellaneos Photos Box 1 - art photos, place photos; Friends of TESC—portraits
1972-07 Academic Affairs: Boxes 8 & 9: Library: Staff: Individual and Group Pictures and Events; 1976-32 Academic Affairs: Academic Deans: Faculty: Chan, Esquivel, and Arguelles: Coordinated Studies: Man and Art 1971/72
  1976-26 Alumni Affairs

1979-01 College Advancement: Publications: Evergreen Review: Photographs


All College

1972-07 Box #1 People/Portraits, TESC Founding Faculty and Staff - Planning Year and First Teaching Year

Retreat - Founding Faculty

  1. Campsite in forest.
  2. Campsite; Dave Barry, Willie Unsoeld, Beryl Corwe, Dick Brien, Rudy Martin, Bill Aldridge, Al Wiedermann, Will Humphreys, Merv Cadwallader, Richard Alexander, Fred Young, Charles Teske, Bob Sluss.
  3. Same as above, different moment in time.
  4. Campsite: Richard Byran, Berl Crowe, Don Humphrey, Byron Youtz;.
  5. Same as above, different positioning.
  6. campsite: Willi Unsoeld, Dave Barry
  7. Campsite: Richard Jones and Jack Webb
  8. Campsite: Don Humphrey, Byron Youtz
  9. Campsite: Richard Jones, Sid White
  10. Campsite: Dave Hitchens, Fred Young
  11. Ropes Course: Mervyn Cadwallader being helped over rope by Larry Eickstaedt, Don Humphrey, Byron Youtz, Bob Sluss, Fred Young, and others
  12. Ropes Course: Bob Sluss, Byron Youtz, Bill Aldridge, Larry Eicksatedt, Rudy Martin, Dave Hitchens, Don Humphrey, Fred Young.
  13. Ropes Course: Humphrey vs. Sluss.
  14. Ropes Course: Fred Young, Bob Sluss, Don Humphrey, Byron Youtz, Rudy Martin, Larry Eickstaedt
  15. Ropes Course: Sid White, climbing over rope
  16. Ropes Course: Larry Eickstaedt and others.
  17. Ropes Course: Larry Eickstaedt and others.
  18. Shelter construction: Members of the Planning Faculty carrying the center pole for their camp shelter down a dirt road.
  19. Shelter construction. Same as above, different moment in time.
  20. Shelter construction.
  21. Shelter constuction.
  22. Shelter construction.
  23. Same as above; Don Humphrey, Larry Eickstaedt, Willi Unsoeld, Mervin Cadwallader, Rudy Martin.
  24. Same as above; Larry Eickstaedt, Willi Unsoeld, Byron Youtz, Dick Jones, Merv Cadwallader, Bob Sluss, Charles Teske, Don Humphrey, Bill Aldridge.
  25. Shelter construction.
  26. Ropes Course?; Willi Unsoeld (far right), Merv Cadwallader, Dave Hitchens, Byron Youtz, Larry Eickstaedt, Don Humphrey.
  27. Bill Aldridge
  28. Faculty: Richard Brian
  29. Dean of Social Sciences: Mervyn Cadwallader (faculty Sid White in background)
  30. Dean of Humanities - Charles Teske, blowing up air mattress.
  31. Charles Teske
  32. Faculty (and Retreat Coordinator) Willie Unsoeld
  33. Willie Unsoeld

Faculy/Staff Retreat 1971 Pack Forest:

  1. PackForest Retreat 1971; Charles J. McCann, Jim Holly.
  2. Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 small group discussion including Faculty Eric Larson (standing at head of table), (from lower left) Associate Library Dean: Carnahan, Faculty: Caroline Dobbs, Library Dean: Jim Holly, Larry Eickstaedt, Library Staff: ?, Faculty: Bill Aldridge, Chuck Nisbet, Nancy Allen, ?, ?, and &, Millersylvania State Park, .

Faculty/Staff Retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park

  1. Larry Eickstaedt, Member of the Faculty, Faculty/Staff retreat Millersylvania State Park, 1972.
  2. Charles Teske, Dean of Arts and Humanities; Peggy Dickinson, Don Heard, Jose Arguelles, Don Chan, Members of the Faculty, Millersylvania State Park, Faculty/Staff retreat 1972.
  3. Alice Douglas (Clerk-Typist) and Jack Webb (Member of the Faculty) - rowing on Deep Lake, Millersylvania State Park, Faculty/Staff retreat 1972.
  4. Bill Aldridge, Fred Young, Sid White, Members of the Faculty, Faculty/Staff retreat 1972, Millersylvania State Park
  5. Byron Youtz (Member of the Faculty), Dave Barry (Academic V.P. and Provost), Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park, near the Deep Lake,
  6. Bill Aldridge (Member of the Faculty), Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park
  7. Bill Aldridge and Rudy Martin, Members of the Faculty - Faculty/Staff retreat 1972, Millersylvania State Park,
  8. Willi Unsoeld and Jack Webb, Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park near Deep Lake
  9. Jack Webb and Dave Barry Faculty/Staff retreat 1972, Millersylvania State Park near Deep Lake
  10. Bill Aldridge, Sid White, Fred Young,and Beryl Crowe, Members of the Faculty, Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park
  11. Charles Teske, Larry Eickstaedt, Bob SlussFaculty/Staff retreat 1972, Millersylvania State Park
  12. Mervin Cadwallader and Richard Alexander, Members of the Faculty, Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park
  13. Staff Members Cooking hamburger at , Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park
  14. College President Charles McCann with Members of the Faculty Bob Sluss, Ruth Sluss, Dick Jones, Byron Youtz, Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park
  15. Ken Donahue, Administrative Staff to Academic V.P. and Provost with Charles Teske, First Academic Dean of the Arts and Humanities, Faculty/Staff retreat 1972 Millersylvania State Park?.
  16. Millersylvania; group shot, includes; Dale Baird, Jerry Schillinger, Byron Youtz, Kirk Thompson, Robert Sluss, Sid White, Jim Holly, Joan Hutchins, Chuck Pailthorpe, Paul Marsh, Steve Herman, Don Heard, Eric Larson, Pat Matheny, Lyn Patterson, Connie Hubbard, John Moss, Jose Arguelles, Sally Hunter.
  17. Millersylvania, includes; Ron Hoffman, Al Saari, Rudy Martin, Dave Barry, Herb Hadley (trustee), Charles McCann, Oscar Soule, Dean Clabough.
  18. Millersylvania, Joe Shoben (V.P.), Bob Barringer (computer).
  19. Retreat (Millersylvania?), includes; Gordon Beck, Al Wiedemann, Richard Alexander, Charles Teske, Pete Taylor (back to camera), Bob Sluss (with pipe), Nancy Taylor, David Barry.
  20. Retreat (Millersylvania?):- Jim Duncan, Director of General Admission.
  21. Millersylvania; Dean Clabaugh, David Barry.
  22. Gordon Beck, speaking with student(?) about photographic technique.
  23. Malpina Chan (Library Media Services staff), Don Chan, and Oscar Soule, (Faculy members).
  24. Jose Arguelles, Kirk Thompson, Richard Alexander, Connie Hubbard, Chas Davies, Jim Holly, Don Humphrey, Dave Milne, Steve Herman, John Finley—eating pancakes in lodge at Pack Forest retreat.
  25. Bernice Youtz.
  26. Jack Webb, David Brown, Chuck Pailthorpe, Nancy Taylor, Rainier Hasenstab, Dick Nichols, and Executive V.P. Joseph Shoben.
  27. Malcom Stilson, Cruz Esquival, Don Chan, Jim Duncan, Arnie Doerksen, Richard Jones, Sid White.
  28. Pete Sinclair, Carol Olexa, Larry Eickstaedt.
  29. Bill Aldridge, Larry Stenberg, Chuck Nisbet, Nancy Allen, Larry Eickstadt, Jim Holly, Eric Larson, Dave Carnehan.
  30. Bernice Youtz, Byron Youtz, Faculty Emeritus, Lee Anderson.
  31. Mervyn Cadwaller, Dean of Social Sciences, Richard Alexander, Bob Sluss.
  32. Richard Brian, faculty; Dave Hitchens, faculty; Merv Cadwallader; Ken Donohue, staff; David Barry, Provost; Joe Shoben, Exec. V.P.; Beryl Crowe, faculty; Bill Aldridge, faculty; Sid White, faculty; Byron Youtz, faculty.
  33. Dave Carnahan, Richard Jones, Beryl Crowe, Dave Hitchens, Byron Youtz, Monica Caulfield, Bob Sluss, Rudy Martin, Larry Eickstaedt, Richard Brian.
  34. Provost Dave Barry, Fred Tabbutt, Bob Barnard.
  35. Bill Aldridge, Rudy Martin.
  36. Larry Eickstaedt and Rudy Martin.
  37. Will Humphreys, David Hitchens, Kirk Thompson(?).
  38. Richard Brian, Larry Eickstaedt, Bob Sluss, Beryl Crowe, Rudy Martin, Monica Caufield, David Hitchens, Byron Youtz, Richard Jones, David Carnahan
  39. Willie Unsoeld, Byron Youtz, Jack Webb, with three student planners.
  40. Fred Young, Charles Teske, Al Wiedermann.
  41. Rudy Martin, Carol Olexa, in group discussion.
  42. Will Humphreys, Richard Jones.
  43. Planning faculty; David Barry, first Provost; Bill Aldridge, Sid White, Byron Youtz, Willie Unsoeld.
  44. Bob Barnard, Chas Davies, Jack Webb.
  45. Will Humphreys, Larry Eickstaedt, Joanne Jerovie, Richard Brian.
  46. Jack Webb, Jim Holly, Fred Young, Larry Eickenstadt, Charles Teske.
  47. Larry Eickstaedt, Jack Webb.
  48. Academic faculty; Bob Sluss, Jack Webb, Don Humphrys, Bill Aldridge, Fred Young.
  49. Bob Sluss, Faculty Emeritus; Fred Young.
  50. Ken Paull (Library), Charles Teske.
  51. Sid White; Don Heard, died Oct. 1971.
  52. Dave Barry, Charles Teske, Don Humphreys, Jim Holley, Joe Shoben (Executive V.P.) - meeting.

1972-07 Box #2 People/Portraits, TESC Staff 1968-1995;

  1. Man sitting in chair, potential interviewee or consultant during planning year (1970) speaking to small group (see next picture) gathered in a motel room (probably Westwater Inn or one of former or subsequent names - Westside Olympia near present Thurston County Courthouse).
  2. Same man now part of a larger group including Members of the Faculty Byron Youtz and Al Wiedemann.
  3. Three women in small group discussion.  Unidentified.
  4. Same as above, some time later.
  5. Same as above, different time, from different angle
  6. Woman at desk.
  7. Scrima, Doug
  8. Woman on telephone.
  9. Four women in small group discssion.
  10. Walker Allen-Registrar.
  11. Walker Allen on bench on Red Square.
  12. Larry Stenberg and student.
  13. Nancy Taylor, Richard Brian, video taping model of campus now in library.
  14. Three people in discussion outside.
  15. Two people conversing in library—reference librarians perhaps.
  16. Two women (staff?) conversing, wearing name tags.
  17. Mary Hillaire, at desk.
  18. Man studying photographs on wall.
  19. Group of staff members? Sitting around a table.
  20. Seen through doorway; man sitting at desk reading.
  21. Bookstore staff.
  22. Rita Cooper and Les Eldridge.
  23. Portrait; woman, not identified on photo.
  24. Portrait; man not identified on photo.
  25. Two women—staff?--conversing at desk.
  26. Group of people singing on stage. Staff members singing the Geoduck song?
  27. Man sitting at draft table, drawing map.
  28. Woman, unidentified.
  29. Phone-athon.
  30. Julie Kelen, Lorian Weiser, Corliss Prong, Michael Huntsberger; participating in phone-athon.
  31. Woman sorting papers at desk—Barabara Bergquist?
  32. Man leaning on one knee—in classroom
  33. Beverly Little, portrait.
  34. Man at desk.
  35. Three women in seminar.
  36. Masks and art photography.
  37. Portrait, Jerry Echillinger.
  38. Gary Russell, and bike.
  39. Richard S. Hunter and Sue Washburn
  40. Arnold J. Doerksen, in office.
  41. Dick Nichols, Information Officer College Relations.
  42. Ken Winkley, V P Buisness.
  43. Helena Meyer-Knapp.
  44. Faculty Chuck Pailthorpe.
  45. Business meeting?
  46. Susan Fiksdal (?) and man; sitting at drafting table.
  47. Les Purce (Acting President), Larry Stenberg, Rita Seveik.
  48. Les Purce, Acting President, at Graduation.
  49. Arnaldo Rodriguez.
  50. Group photo; Larry Stenberg, Dean of Student Services.
  51. Group Photo; Gary ?, Head Security.
  52. Group gathering; Ron Woodbury.
  53. Dee VanBrunt at 1002 E. Evergreen Blvd.
  54. Pete Steilberg, being interviewed on Red Square.
  55. Career Planning and Placement Center.
  56. Two men discussing data at desk.
  57. “A consultant is available”.
  58. Evergreen Summer, 1978. Political Economy seminar.
  59. Information booth (?) outside of library building.
  60. 1970, Nancy Allen in small group discussion.
  61. Man drafting the layout of a newspaper? Magazine?\
  62. Man working with electronic equipment.
  63. Man running toward camera, away from CAB.
  64. Man working with slide projector.
  65. Same man performing an experiment?—working with technical equipment.
  66. Trustee meeting?
  67. Byron Youtz Faculty Emeritus; Russell M. Lidman, Acting VP/Provost; Thomas L.(Les) Purce, Interim President; Rita Sevick, Administrative Assistant to President; V.P. Business.
  68. Byron Youtz Faculty Emeritus; Sandy Mckanzie; Charles McCann, Faculty/Lit.; Larry Stenberg, Dir Cmty./Alum Relations; Bob Sluss, Faculty Emeritus; Jim Duncan, MGR Gen Servs.; Steve Trotter.
  69. Faculty Rudy Martin, National Faculty; Gail Martin, Student for Student Affairs.
  70. Basement of library, Beryl Larry, Crow Eichstaedt.
  71. Man standing next to Ladd Vacuum Evaporator machine.
  72. Humorous photo; the man with the bronze hands.
  73. Man explaining Idea in seminar? To committee?
  74. Man smiling at camera in office.
  75. Visiting artist, Michael Spafford.
  76. Same as above, different moment in time (with student Dale?).
  77. Visiting artist, Michael Spafford, speaking in group, with artwork present.
  78. Faculty Maxine Mimms, Director of Tacoma Campus; Faculty Willie Parson.
  79. Peta Henderson (left) and Patricia Larson—TESC.
  80. Faculty Lloyd Colfax and Gail Tremblay.
  81. Dedications of Communications Building, Brother Ronald Hurst, Faculty Charles Teske.
  82. Class outside; Faculty Emeritus Bob Sluss, Faculty Larry Eickstaedt.
  83. Faculty Matt Smith and Librarian Susan Smith.
  84. Meeting; Bob Gottlieb, Betty Kutter, Peggy Dickinson, Steve Herman, Larry Eickstadt, Willie Parson, Richard Alexander.
  85. Charles Teske, Brother Ronald Hurst (visiting faculty from St. Martins College in Lacey).
  86. Same as #84 above, some minutes later.
  87. Fort Worden School; Walker Allen, Registrar; Kirk Thompson, Graphic Designer.
  88. Burt Guttman , Faculty; Jovana Brown, Dean Library Services, later Faculty member; Larry Eickstaedt, Faculty; Russ Lidman, Faculty, later Interim Provost.
  89. Rita Grace, Gary Russell; in foreground, Jess and Hannah Spielholz.
  90. Patty Firman, Executive Director of Development; Gordon Beck, Faculty; Jess Spielholtz.
  91. Student being interviewed on campus.
  92. Two people walking across campus pushing cart full of posters and paper.
  93. Man walking past cCommuniciations Building.
  94. Student Rick Spears and Jim Johnson, Director of Computer Services.
  95. Same as above, different moment in time.
  96. Woman—faculty?
  97. Woman in office—faculty?
  98. Two woman conversing in office area.
  99. Seminar, woman speaking.
  100. Woman in office.
  101. Same woman in office speaking with Russ Lidman.
  102. Same woman as before, close-up sot.
  103. Woman  in her office.
  104. Jeanne Jones, on telelphone.
  105. 104.  Eileen Humphrey, in office on telephone.
  106. Woman.
  107. Woman in office.
  108. Secretary’s office; Candy Stamey, Malcom Stilson.
  109. Candy Stamey at work.
  110. Mary Lou Krumland.
  111. Don Martin, outside.
  112. Don Martin.
  113. Ivan Raznevich.
  114. Rene Herrera.
  115. Jim, Media Repair.
  116. Larry Stenberg, Jim Duncan.
  117. Larry Stenberg, Dean of Student Services.
  118. Louise Williams, Member of the Faculty.
  119. Faculty Russell Lidman and Al Wiedermann, on beach.
  120. Faculty Richard Jones, eating in The Greenery.
  121. Paul Gallager.
  122. Faculty Jose Arguelles, singing, and faculty Don Chan, playing the piano.
  123. Don Chan, playing piano.  Man unidentified playing the xylophone.
  124. Faculty Susan Aurand and Paul Spark’s wife.
  125. Don Humphrey, (Academic Dean); Jerry Shillinger, (Director of Facilities); Jack Webb, Beryl Crowe, Sid White, (members of teh faculty); Ron Hoffman, (Director of Business Services)?
  126. Charles McCann and David Hitchens, in seminar.
  127. Advertising photo for fall 1971.  Students chat with two members of faculty (Will Humphreys)
  128. Will Humphrys and David Hitchens show prospective students around.
  129. Le Roi Mathew Pierre Smith III and Larry Stenberg, conversing.
  130. Susan McNeil, at desk.
  131. Dave Imanaka, Graphic Designer.

1972-07 Box #3 People/Portraits, TESC Faculty 1970--

  1. Margolin, Carrie
  2. Rutledge, David
  3. Lidman, Russell
  4. Levensky, Mark
  5. Dave Marr and Sandra Simon in discussion.
  6. Mandeberg, Jean
  7. McCann, Charles
  8. Ladd,.Kay V.
  9. David Hitchens, Kirk Thompson.
  10. Dean Olson_Potrait “MPI”.
  11. Gayle Rothrock and Virginia Ingersoll.
  12. Phil Harding and Connie Hubbard playing football.
  13. Dave Hitchens, Lorraine ?, Al Weideman, June Marsh, Richard Alexander, Charlie Teske, Nancy Taylor, Phil Harding; social gathering, potlatch.
  14. Al Leisenring_Portrait.
  15. Faculty (?) helping student with Japanese painting techniques.
  16. Earle McNeill_Faculty-in discussion.
  17. Jake Romero-speaking to three others—at academic fair?
  18. Paul Sparks-portrait.
  19. Fred Tabbutt at work on blackboard.
  20. Kirk Thompson swinging on bars.
  21. Kirk Thompson lifting weights.
  22. Kirk Thompson, Member of the Faculty, doing sit-ups.
  23. Kirk Thompson, Judith Espinola (Director of Media Services and Faculty Chuck Pailthorp.
  24. Joye Hardiman, Maxine Mimms in office.
  25. Peta Henderson, Pat Larson.
  26. Anaira Wilder at desk.
  27. Joye Hardiman, teaching at blackboard.
  28. Same as #27 above, different moment in time.
  29. Ed Kormondy, Academic V.P. and Provost.
  30. Lynn De Danaan.
  31. Diana Cushing, portrait.
  32. Donald Chan, speaking.
  33. Pris Bowerman, standing in front of a field.
  34. Peggy Dickinson, working with clay.
  35. Lem Stepherson, counseling/faculty.
  36. Carol Olexa at academic fair (?).
  37. Greg Steinke, training students to use musical recording equipment.
  38. Woman, Faculty (?), standing in front of field.
  39. Joye Hardiman, Willie Parson, and Maxine Mimms, in Tacoma campus class?
  40. Joye Hardiman, Willie Parson, and Maxine Mimms, in Tacoma campus class, from different angle.
  41. Faculty (?) speaking at graduation.
  42. Faculty? Students? Sitting on benches near Red Square.
  43. Faculty? Woman instructing students in mask making/acting?
  44. Faculty? Man in science lab, using equipment.
  45. Faculty? Woman and artwork.
  46. Woman walking to class in rain; students watching from inside.
  47. Three men talking near windows somewhere on campus.
  48. Phil Harding, wrestling .
  49. Mary Hillaire in office.
  50. Woman in mid-speech; faculty?
  51. Woman speaking in woods; faculty?
  52. Willie Unsoeld, talking to student?
  53. Richard Alexander, in front of water (Puget Sound?).
  54. Richard Alexander, with child, in front of lake.
  55. Faculty Richard Anderson, outside.
  56. Dave Barry, in front of water.
  57. Gordon Beck, holding Kodak Gray Scale.
  58. Gordon Beck, portrait.
  59. Faculty Bill Brown, at academic fair?
  60. Bill Brown, outside.
  61. Mervyn Cadwallader, Dean of Social Sciences.
  62. Merv Cadwallader, opening box outside.
  63. Same shot as #63 above, enlarged view. Includes Fred Young’s son.
  64. Sid White, Merv Cadwallader.
  65. Richard Cellarins, in class.
  66. Richard Cellarins, outside.
  67. Richard Cellarins, working on lab experiment?
  68. Don Chan.
  69. Same as above, different angle.
  70. Lloyd Colfax, outside.
  71. Thad Curtz, in seminar.
  72. Virginia Darney.
  73. Leo Daugherty.
  74. Carolyn Dobbs, Academic Dean.
  75. Larry Eiskstaedt-Lecture Hall.
  76. Cruz Esquivel.
  77. Cruz Esquivel, portraits.
  78. Faculty Marilyn Frasca, in class.
  79. Robert Gottlieb, Al Leisenring.
  80. Burt Guttman.
  81. Andrew Hanfman, in seminar?
  82. Andrew Hanfman, lecturing to students.
  83. Faculty Phil Harding, and student?
  84. Phil Harding, at academic fair?
  85. Don Heard, first year faculty, died Oct., 1971.
  86. Steve Herman, at academic fair?
  87. Dave Hitchens.
  88. Will Humphreys, teaching class.
  89. Will Humphreys, blowing up air mattress.
  90. Don Humphey? Working with technical equipment.
  91. Wini Ingram.
  92. Bud Johansen, ballet class.
  93. Bud Johansen, ballet class.
  94. Richard Jones, lecturing.
  95. Richard Jones, holding class where?
  96. Richard Jones, speaking.
  97. Linda Kahan, examining fossils with students.
  98. Same as #97 above, different angle.
  99. Linda Kahan, examining fosils with student.
  100. Same as above, different moment in time.
  101. Linda Kahan, speaking with student.
  102. Same as #102 above, different moment in time.
  103. Linda Kahan, watching students reconstruct dinosaur from bones.
  104. Hiro Kawasaki, in seminar?
  105. Hiro Kawasaki, in seminar, from different angle.
  106. Hiro Kawasaki, speaking.
  107. Rob Knapp.
  108. Rob Knapp, lecturing.
  109. Dr. Ed Kormondy.
  110. Betty Kutter.
  111. Betty Kutter, working with lab equipment.
  112. Mark Levensky, on Red Square.
  113. Charles McCann.
  114. Earle McNeil, outside.
  115. Earle McNeil, speaking with student.
  116. Dumi Maraire, singing for group of students.
  117. Dumi Maraire, giving instrumental instruction to students.
  118. David Milne, lecturing at blackboard.
  119. David Milne, working with students.
  120. Chuck Nisbet.
  121. Peggy Dickinson, Carol Olexa.
  122. Mark Papworth, in front of giant screen projection of fossils.
  123. Jacob B. Romero, seminar.
  124. Jacob Romero, with students and large solar energy construction.
  125. Jacob Romero, teaching physics.
  126. Gil Salcedo.
  127. Pam Schick, dancing.
  128. Terry Setter, composing on piano.  8/83, San Diego.
  129. Niels Skov, examining feet of sheep.
  130. Bob Sluss, drinking water.
  131. Bob Sluss.
  132. Faculty Oscar Soule, speaking with student.  Academic fair?
  133. Oscar Soule conversing with woman near window.
  134. Oscar Soule, outside.
  135. Oscar Soule, standing in a meadow.
  136. Faculty Paul Sparks, with students.
  137. Faculty Nancy Taylor, speaking in front of microphone.
  138. Faculty Pete Taylor, in seminar with students outside.
  139. Same as #141 above, different angle.
  140. Charles Teske, eating from tinware.
  141. Faculty Willi Unsoeld, building shelter in forest.
  142. Willi Unsoeld, portrait.
  143. Willi Unsoeld, portrait.
  144. Willi Unsoeld, portrait.
  145. Willi Unsoeld, portrait.
  146. Willi Unsoeld, portrait.
  147.   Willi Unsoeld, in seminar
  148. Willi Unsoeld, in seminar.
  149. Willi Unsoeld, in seminar with students.
  150. Faculty Matt Smith, Willi Unsoeld, Al Leisenring, listening.
  151. Willi Unsoeld, among mountains.
  152. Faculty Sid White, in seminar group.
  153. Sid White, in office.
  154. Faculty Al Wiederman, lecturing on blackboard.
  155. Faculty York Wong, computer science.  Retired 1999.
  156. Faculty Byron Youtz, in small group seminar.
  157. Byron Youtz, looking at computer with students.
  158. Byron Youtz, in small group discussion.
  159. Byron Youtz, Faculty Emeritus, died 1992.
  160. Byron Youtz, camping.

Administration (2 boxes)

1972-07 Box #4 Administration/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs - Faculty and Staff Portraits (unsorted by Provenance)

  1. Retreat?; Candi Stamey, Mabel Whitney.
  2. Portrait of?  Taken for on-campus Newsletter.
  3. Portrait of? Woman.
  4. Dave Barry, in front of water.
  5. Charles McCann.
  6. Charles McCann, sitting on couch.
  7. Man surrounded by towers of books and papers.
  8. Woman on phone.
  9. Terry Ramsauer.
  10. Woman in office, sitting at desk.
  11. Man experimenting in science lab; something is very funny.
  12. “Individual academic”; man experimenting with science.
  13. Riudette Jones, Affirmative Action Officer; portrait.
  14. Keith Eisner, conversing with another man.
  15. Rose Elway, at desk.
  16. Rose Elway, with group of women.
  17. Man with pipe, in office.
  18. Cashier office.
  19. Ken Winkley, with student?
  20. Ernie Jones, answering questions at Information Center.
  21. Woman handing out fliers on campus; wearing “Beat Big Business” pin.
  22. Career Planning and Placement Center.
  23. Human Growth and Counseling Center.
  24. Two students?, on campus.
  25. KAOS radio studio.
  26. Two men in office; professor and student?
  27. Delores Isaacs, on phone.
  28. Arnauldo Rodriguez, in front of Admissions Office.
  29. Registrar.
  30. Module Registration.
  31. Professor? Woman in group, at seminar?
  32. Man writing / interpreting data.
  33. Mike Ross and Everett, standing in front of delivery truck.
  34. Same as above, different positioning.
  35. Mike Ross, “Receiving and Shipping”.
  36. Percy Berry, driving TESC truck.
  37. Percy Berry, in Bookstore.
  38. Printing department; fixing the printing machine.
  39. Picking up/sorting mail?; Kort Junjel, Eddie Batacan.
  40. General Services, Jim Duncan.
  41. Man typing on computer.
  42. Man—Vern?—walking across campus with lunchbox.
  43. Clearing leaves on campus grounds.
  44. Bobbie Holman.
  45. John Bauer—janitor.
  46. Man painting railing.
  47. Man mowing campus lawn.
  48. Man and woman in shop, constructing something out of wood.
  49. Same as above, different positioning.
  50. Larry Stenberg, sitting outside of office, conversing.
  51. Filming with video camera.
  52. Working on light table.
  53. Man and technical equipment.
  54. Men watching video recordings.
  55. Electrical mechanics.
  56. Bob King, fixing equipment.
  57. James Rousseau, Media.
  58. Larry Stenberg; woman giving speech at formal dinner gathering.
  59. Stone Thomas.
  60. Donovan Gray and Stone Thomas.
  61. Advising Office.
  62. Lem Stepherson, Faculty; in office.
  63. Lem Stepherson, close-up shot.
  64. Willie and Devi Unsoeld.
  65. Woman, white, unidentified.
  66. Maxine Mimms, Founder of TESC in Tacoma.
  67. Woman, Joyce Hardiman?, and man; unidentified—conversing—professor and student?
  68. Robert Barnard, watching screen tests for participants in “Live and Recorded”.
  69. Portrait, William Stafford (speaker for an event held at TESC?).
  70. Man, white, unidentified.  Standing on campus.
  71. Joy Hardiman, lecturing.
  72. Don Chan, conducting.
  73. Carolyn Dobbs, holding model of a molecule.
  74. Don Chan, sitting by piano.
  75. Byron Youtz, working with data.
  76. Faculty gathering; Al Wiedermann, Willi Unsoeld, Fred Young, Byron Youtz?, Larry Eickstaedt, Bob Barnard, Richard Alexander.
  77. Bud Johansen, demonstrating a ballet position.
  78. Bud Johansen; ballet instruction.
  79. Will Humphreys, protrait.
  80. Sid White, conversing.
  81. Peta Henderson.
  82. Donald Chan, conducting choir.
  83. Tom Foote, giving musical performance.
  84. Winnie Ingram, Don Humphreys, conversing on campus.
  85. Bob Sluss, playing football. Fall, 1970.
  86. Richard Cellarius and Jeff Kelly; publication in Tacoma News Tribune advertising  their lecture on energy shortage.
  87. Lynch, Eileen
  88. Thomas L. (Les) Purce, Intern President after resignation of Joe Olander.

1972-07 Box #5 Administration: College Advancement:College Relations - Alumni Association: Alumni: (5" x 7")

  1. Tom Anderson (alumni).  Mansion Glass—Olympia.
  2. Tom Anderson measuring glass—Mansion Glass studio.
  3. Tom Anderson discussing design on table—Mansion Glass studio.
  4. Tom Anderson, Mansion Glass studio.

Academic Affairs (6 boxes)

1972-07 Box #6 Academic Affairs: Arts Curriculum Student Portraits - Art and Design, Music, Performance, Media:

  1. Man and woman looking at something under a giant microscope.
  2. Frank Foster—now head of computer graphics at Sony Pictures.
  3. Frank Foster and Rick Speer (students).
  4. Frank Foster and Rick Speer looking at a film projector.
  5. Rick Spears and Frank Foster working with technical equipment.
  6. Rick Speer working with digital and visual computer in Fred Tabbut’s (?) lab.
  7. Man working with audio recording equipment.
  8. Greg Steinke on electronic keyboard.
  9. Staff Wyatt Cates demonstrating audio equipment.
  10. Woman weaving.
  11. Weaving.
  12. Printmaking.
  13. Tom Anderson (alumni) in Mansion Glass studio.
  14. Printmaking.
  15. Pottery.
  16. Woman glazing pottery.
  17. Printmaking? Painting?
  18. Man photographing near Westside Center.
  19. Printmaking
  20. Beadmaking.
  21. Beadmaking.
  22. Man transposing music.
  23. Child and mother walking in the rain.
  24. Woodcarving.
  25. Painting.
  26. Printmaking.
  27. Printmaking.
  28. Printmaking.
  29. Printmaking.
  30. Man sculpting clay on wheel.
  31. Person making weaving a belt.
  32. Group of students playing music outside of library building.
  33. Man playing drums.
  34. Television studio.  Picture of man laughing in front of three t.v. sets.
  35. Academic group in recording a live event via television.
  36. Audio recording in action.
  37. Woody Hirzel video recording.
  38. Man video recording.
  39. Video recording studio—setting up the lighting.
  40. Man adjusting dials.
  41. Man drawing diagram of city on blackboard.
  42. Man photographing.
  43. Woman video recording outside.
  44. Woman video recording taken from different angle.
  45. Man working with slides on light table.
  46. Video recording studio.
  47. Video recording studio from different angle.
  48. Man turning dials at video recording station.
  49. Man recording live event.
  50. Person in white, surrounded by pool of blackness, being filmed in television recording studio.
  51. Woman working with recording equipment on floor.
  52. Two woman unpacking television equipment.
  53. Two men working with film equipment.  Chuck Towner on left.
  54. Two women regarding two televisions.
  55. Man instructing students in working with technical equipment.
  56. Person working with slide equipment?
  57. Two people playing banjos (?) near Red Square.
  58. Man playing the violin.
  59. Man receiving guitar lesson.
  60. Man playing guitar without shoes.
  61. Woman playing the piano.
  62. Solitary man playing flute outside in dark on Red Square.  He is surrounded by mist.
  63. Woman with musical instrument.
  64. Woman playing guitars near Red Square.
  65. Woman and iron sculpture.
  66. Woman moving iron sculpure.
  67. Woman cradling iron horse sculpture.
  68. Interior of some sort of international merchandise store.
  69. Cleaning up in art studio.
  70. Person painting.
  71. Group discussing in art studio.
  72. Two people painting.
  73. Woman sketching.
  74. Woman weaving on loom.
  75. Woman shaping clay on wheel.
  76. Woman chaping clay on wheel.
  77. Two women standing in front of brick oven?
  78. Woman holding up glazed bowl.
  79. Woman shaping film on wheel.
  80. Arrangement of clay pots on table outside.
  81. Two clay sculptures in pottery studio.
  82. Two woman talking among paintings which are laid on floor.  Woman on left is Johanna Nitzche.
  83. Same two women as above, from different angle.
  84. Same as above, from different angle.
  85. Four women posed in modern dance positions.
  86. Woman belly dancing.
  87. Modern dance performance.
  88. Women posed in modern dance positions.
  89. Paper making?
  90. Paper making—box is in tub of water.
  91. Paper making—mixing water in tub.
  92. Paper making—lifting box out of tub, sediment caught in wooden box.
  93. Paper making—placing wooden box on prepared surface.
  94. Same as above.
  95. Some sort of art procedure involving paint and a wooden frame.
  96. Woman standing before blocks of wood in shop room.
  97. Women working on construction project in shop.
  98. Woman marking piece of wood in shop.
  99. Woman sitting at desk—staff? Professor?
  100. Two people sitting on grass, playing guitars and singing.
  101. Woman playing violin.
  102. Woman playing violin, warming up for a concert.
  103. Man playing violin.
  104. Group playing music in field.
  105. Same group, a more inclusive shot.
  106. Student Marilyn First playing flute in woodland setting.
  107. Man playing banjo (?) on steps for fellow man.


1972-07 Box #7 Academic Affairs: Scientific Inquiry and Computer Science Cirriculum:Student Portraits -

Lab Sciences

  1. Working with technical equipment.
  2. Two men working with technical equipment.
  3. Matchett, Andrea and Kelly, Jeff in Lab.
  4. Female student with pipette.
  5. Male student experimenting in science lab.
  6. Science experiment set-up in science lab. Male student? Professor?
  7. Female student masked-working with vacuum hood.
  8. Same as #7 above.
  9. Male student working with technical equipment.
  10. Two students experimenting in science lab.
  11. male student-chemistry experiment
  12. Male student working with spectrum analyzer.
  13. Male student calculating results.
  14. Faculty Betty Kutter & student-experiment with petri dishes.
  15. Male student working with heavy duty equipment.
  16. Female student looking into microscope.
  17. Male examining through microscope.
  18. Female student studying results of lab.
  19. Male student examining through microscope.
  20. Female student studying pressed plant specimens.
  21. Same student as above, studying plant specimen.
  22. Male student experimenting in science lab.
  23. Female student examining plant specimens.
  24. Student imitating instructional video showing how to set up a  microscope.
  25. Female student conducting salt experiment
  26. Student Lab Tech in Lab Supplies chemicals storage.
  27. Measuring dry ingredients for a lab.
  28. Same as above, enlarged version.
  29. Male student using science equipment—following instructional directions.
  30. Two chicks lab experiment.
  31. Chick being held in hands.
  32. Chick (larger) being held in hands.
  33. Students working in science lab performing experiments and cleaning.
  34. Male student looking through microscope and recording observations.
  35. Male student watching graph printout.
  36. Two male students studying graph printout results.
  37. Sluss_Ruth-science experiment.


  1. Testing solar panels on Red Square.
  2. Three people talking in office-like area.
  3. Man interrupted from studying results by photographer. In fact, it is Gar Bergstidt.

Life Sciences

  1. Male student drawing rodent.
  2. Male student lifting sea bird out of nest on cliff face.
  3. Transporting plastic life size skeleton through library building.

Computer Science

  1. Computer instruction.
  2. Three students looking at computer screen.
  3. Two people working on computer.
  4. Woman demonstrating something to another woman using computer.
  5. Computer instruction lab.
  6. Students on computer.
  7. Same shot as above, some seconds later.
  8. Man watching computer printout.
  9. Group watching computer printout.
  10. Group watching computer printout.
  11. Three people working on computer.
  12. Three people working on computer.
  13. Two women working on computer.
  14. Same shot as #55 above, some seconds later.
  15. Same shot as #55 above, seconds later.
  16. Same shot as #55 above, people laughing.
  17. Same shot as #55 above, seconds later.
  18. Man working with computer/typewriter.
  19. Man working on electronic typewriter.
  20. Man staring thoughtfully at computer screen.
  21. Profile shot, man and computer.
  22. Man typing on historic “Terminal Computer”.
  23. Man typing on computer.
  24. Man typing--one-handed!--on electronic typewriter.


1972-07 Box #8 Academic Affairs: Library - Student Portraits, SPLU LAB:

  1. Portrait of female student taking class in library.
  2. Female student studying in library.
  3. Man shuffling through card catalogue.
  4. Plastic skeleton being adjusted by woman.
  5. Woman putting plastic skeleton in glass case in library.
  6. Same as above.
  7. Class in the library, near the card catalogues.
  8. Man listening to headphones and watching a small screen.
  9. Same as above, some seconds later.
  10. Woman in Sound and Image Library, listening to record.
  11. Same woman, listening to record and holding a stopwatch in her hand.
  12. Woman studying in library.
  13. Man viewing microfilm.
  14. View from second floor of circulation desk.
  15. Stacked books stamped with “TESC Library”.
  16. Group photo in library—Ken Moser, Ernestine Kimbo.
  17. Malcom Stilson speaking to students in library.
  18. Checking out books in library.
  19. Information desk in library.
  20. Students studying in library.
  21. Library interior—student receiving help.
  22. Woman looking through card catalogue.
  23. Woman studying atlas.
  24. Man  studying microfilm.
  25. Man using Sound and Image Library.
  26. People studying in periodical library.
  27. Woman reading Great Expectations in library.
  28. Same as above, from different angle.
  29. Man reading newspaper in library.

1972-07 Box #9 Academic Affairs: Academic Programs - Program Retreats and Field Trips, Seminars and Classes

  1. Students Barbara and Milton Hightower in Public Information and Minority Affairs Program. Group contract, sponsored by Sid White. Spring, 1975.
  2. Group Contract, Public Information and Minority Affairs Program., as above.  Pictured: Greg Logan, Don West, Barbara, Milton Hightower.
  3. Three women, in class?  Two African-American, one Native American.
  4. Two men sitting in Legislative Chamber at State Capital.  Asian American, white.
  5. Class at Legislative Chamber.  Bob Sluss.
  6. Class at Legislative Chamber Fall 1971 before campus buildings were completed.
  7. Native American man being filmed slicing raw fish.
  8. Class?
  9. Paul Sparks instructing a class.
  10. Jose Arguelles and others painting dragon on stairwell inside library building.
  11. Forest expedition.
  12. Small group on nature field trip.
  13. Space, Time Form “Dome” Project.
  14. Students on the beach.  Larry Erickstaedt.
  15. Student field trip to beach; Anne Marie Ratliff, Larry Erickstaedt, Tim Moffatt?
  16. Field trip—student eating from tin cup.
  17. Field trip.  Student sitting on cliff face.
  18. Field trip.  Students loading Tumwater bus.
  19. Field trip.  Woman smiling.
  20. Field trip.  Two women standing in front of lake.
  21. Geology field trip.  Students searching for rock samples.
  22. Students looking at a photograph.
  23. Same as above, different moment in time.
  24. Forest expedition; students studying woodland surroundings.
  25. Adult (student?) leading children on forest walk.
  26. Group field trip; archeological dig?
  27. Hiking trip—person carrying supplies.
  28. Women braiding hair next to campfire.
  29. Students playing whiplash in meadow.
  30. People gathered at campsite.
  31. Students gathered around a tree.
  32. Students playing poker in camp lodge.
  33. Field trip.  Mountain in background, surrounded by cloud.
  34. Jon Collier, campus architect.
  35. Student intern? Classroom.
  36. Jess and Anna Spielhotz.
  37. “First day—off campus”.
  38. Students in class.
  39. Students in class.
  40. Three men looking at a book.
  41. Three people—professor and two students—looking at a printing machine?
  42. Students in lecture hall.
  43. Academic group.
  44. Rainer Hasenstab?  Byron Youtz.
  45. Students seminaring outside on grass.
  46. Three men sitting on dock.

1972-07 Boxes 10 & 11: Academic Affairs: Library: Staff: Individual and Group Pictures and Events;

  1. Old Brewery.  Gift books for library, sorted 1970.
  2. “Merry Valentine’s Day, from the library group”
  3. 1971-72. Jan. 1972, library opening.
  4. Same as above, different moment in time.
  5. Library, first floor, 1972.
  6. Chas Davies, Tim Moffatt, Peg Holly.  Library Christmas Party, Dec. 1971.
  7. Debbie LaProde.
  8. Library Reference; Pat Matheny White, Kelly Emmons, Debbie Robinson, Mary Huston, Malcom Stilson.
  9. Photo Services, 1970’s? Tomas Black, Woody Hersel.

1972-07 Box 12: Academic Affairs:Instructional Equipment, etc.:

  1. Desk burdened with machines—computers, printers, etc.
  2. Bookshelves containing 3-ring binders—documentation?


Student Affairs

1972-07 Box 13 Student Affairs, Campus Life —CAB: Kaos, Bookstore, Cafetaria, Deli, Women’s Center, Bicycle Shop, C.P.J. (5" x 7")

  1. Information Center in CAB
  2. Close-up of Information Center in CAB.
  3. Information Center in CAB.
  4. South Sound National Bank in CAB.
  5. Ken Jacob standing near Information Center.
  6. Man working on Cooper Point Journal.
  7. Second shot of man working on C.P.J.
  8. Third shot of man working on C.P.J.
  9. Three people holding hands and passing a card from person to person.
  10. Two men sitting at a table; one has just dropped a piece of paper.
  11. Person piecing together the Letter section of C.P.J.
  12. Four people working on C.P.J.
  13. Man cutting slide negatives.
  14. Woman watching paper print from a computer printer.
  15. People sitting around table in CAB.
  16. Maxine Mimms?  People eating in The Greenery.
  17. People eating in The Greenery; man walking by holding a coffee cup.
  18. Man and woman eating and laughing.
  19. Three people eating and talking.
  20. Person buying a meal in The Greenery.
  21. People talking, eating and smoking over coffee.
  22. Two people talking in the “Quiet Area” of the library.
  23. Two women talking together and eating.
  24. Two people eating near cafeteria, in front of window.
  25. People eating in The Greenery.
  26. People eating in Greenery.
  27. People eating salad in cafeteria.  Woman washing dishes.
  28. Follensbee(?) sitting at computer.
  29. Woman in process of eating noodles.  Close-up shot.
  30. Woman eating noodles, some minutes later.
  31. Two women eating, one is eating an apple; another is eating a sandwich.
  32. Same shot as above, food is disappearing.
  33. Same shot as above, some minutes later.
  34. Same shot as above, sandwich has disappeared.
  35. Woman in office, holding a sheet of paper.
  36. Same woman in office, siting at desk.
  37. Same woman at bank in CAB.
  38. Man selling clothes inside.  He is reading.
  39. Two men fixing the mechanics of a bike.
  40. Woman creating a sign that reads, “S & A Board Meeting”.
  41. Man cooking hamburgers in kitchen.
  42. Man about to sip some coffee.
  43. Line of students waiting to buy food at Greenery.
  44. 1976.  Cathy person and Bill Hirclrig(?).  Student Encountering America Coordinated Studies.
  45. Steve Willis? @1975-1976.
  46. Purchasing items at bookstore.
  47. Reading books in bookstore. Person sitting on floor.
  48. Same person reading in bookstore at different moment in time.
  49. Reading books in bookstore.
  50. Person sitting on bookshelves, reading books in bookstore.
  51. Woman sitting on floor reading books in bookstore.
  52. Bookstore shelf, loaded with books.
  53. Portrait of woman siting at desk.  In bookstore, perhaps?
  54. Film shop?
  55. Again, the film shop?
  56. KAOS radio.  Man broadcasting.
  57. KAOS radio.  Man smiling.
  58. KAOS radio.  Same man as above looking out window.
  59. KAOS radio.  Same man smiling directly at camera.
  60. KAOS radio.  Woman adjusting knobs.
  61. Outside musical performance on Red Square.
  62. KAOS radio.  Woman w/headphones adjusting knobs.
  63. KAOS radio.  Announcers are speaking  into mouth piece.
  64. Ujamaa and Asian Coalition booth outside CAB.

1972-07 Box 14 Student Affairs Campus Life - Daycare Interaction w/Administration (5" x 7")

  1. Children playing bingo with female caretaker.

  2. Woman and child playing with clothespins.
  3. Woman and child baking.

  4. Small child wearing large sunglasses.  Woman looking on, smiling.
  5. Same child with giant sunglasses, from different angle. She is eating a snack.
  6. Same child with large sunglasses at  different moment in time.
  7. Same child with large sunglasses.  She is bearing her teeth.
  8. Close-up of woman demonstrating to watching children how to brush teeth.
  9. Woman helping female child to solve a puzzle.
  10. Woman standing in front of group of children. Everyone is pointing to their eyes.
  11. Man watching very small child play xylophone in front of bookstore.
  12. Child painting.
  13. Child painting.
  14. Woman showing child how to make origami sculptures.
  15. Children coloring in a coloring book.  Woman cutting out a paper snowflake.

  16. Child painting.
  17. Woman helping two children to fit a puzzle together.
  18. Woman beating eggs with two children watching.
  19. Portrait of group of children.  Many are sticking out their tongues, one is holding up a mask.
  20. Child in hospitable room having pulse checked by two women in nurse uniforms.
  21. Woman watching a child write.
  22. Woman hugging child, patting the back of the child’s head.
  23. Same shot as above, from different angle.
  24. Woman looking down toward the floor, smiling.  Child looking on in background.
  25. Woman helping children to brush their teeth in front of mirror.

1972-07 Box 15 Student Affairs, Campus Life, Outdoor Recreation, and Leisure Activities (5" x7")

  1. Unsoeld (?) leading group of Outdoor Education students at T.E.S.C.

  2. People walking hand in hand, similar to above photograph, but shot form above.
  3. Unsoeld descending Evergreen clock tower with audience looking on from top of tower.
  4. Close-up of Unsoeld as he rapels down Evergreen clock tower.

  5. Male student descending a wall at Evergreen (Location ?).

  6. Second shot of same student climbing Evergreen wall in different position.
  7. Close shot of female student climbing clock tower.  Bird’s eye view of Red Square.

  8. Student Jack Ethridge teaching outdoor education for exceptional children during internship.

  9. Man and woman walking into Red Square, down the steps and past the central green hill.  Large tree in foreground.

  10. Shot from above.  Woman sitting on bench on Red Square, framed by branches, reading.
  11. Woman sitting on bench on wooden platform next to music building, reading.
  12. Woman sitting on bench reading.
  13. Shot of person reading, near dorm area.  Upper body hidden behind cement structure.
  14.   Large group of students sitting on grass next to Red Square, talking, reading, etc.
  15. Small group of students walking on Red Square.

  16. Three people sitting at tables on brick patio outside The Greenery in the sun.
  17. Students sitting on benches underneath trees looking on to Red Square, talking, etc.
  18. City bus parked at turn-around in front of Red Square.
  19. Two people sun-bathing on grass.  Clock tower rising in background.
  20. Three people sitting in group on Red Square, laughing, eating, etc.
  21. Three women standing together in a room, talking, drinking from plastic cups.
  22. People on Red Square, resting on the central circular hill.

  23. People sitting outside in groups.  Lecture Hall in background.
  24.   Man and woman standing talking on Red Square.  “Seminar BLDG” sign in background.
  25. Two woman talking outside community building.  One is sitting on cement railing.
  26. Three students sitting on brick patio outside The Greenery.
  27. Same three students sitting on brick patio outside The Greenery.  Shot from farther away.
  28. Three woman sitting on cement railing outside community building selling hats from Greece.
  29. People studying outside on grass.
  30. Two women walking past Dorm Building A.
  31. Two women walking in woods.
  32. Two people talking on benches underneath trees next to Red Square.
  33. Two men playing banjos outside on grass.  Lecture Hall in background.
  34. Men playing guitars outside surrounded by small listening audience.
  35. Three men walking across Red Square.  One is carrying a trombone, another is riding a unicycle, and another is carrying an accordion.
  36. Group of people playing various musical instruments outside.  Forest in background.
  37. Shot of same group at a different moment in time.
  38. Close-up of same group, focused on particular group members.
  39. Same shot as above, enlarged.
  40. Shot taken from behind.  Depicts three men playing in a band on Red Square.
  41. Close shot of woman dancing, surrounded by other students.
  42. Shot of same woman dancing at different moment in time.
  43. Musical performance in meadow behind library building.  Audience sitting on grass.
  44. Speaker on Red Square.  Large audience.  Shot taken from above.
  45. Large musical performance on Red Square.  Taken from behind the musical performers.  Looks out on dancing audience.
  46. Woman dancing with arm raised.
  47. Lone dancer performing on grass in front of audience sitting on central circular square.  Performed on Red Square.
  48. Four people line-dancing.
  49. Taken from above.  People dancing in a circle.
  50. Taken from above.  Same people dancing in a circle.  Closer shot than that of the above.
  51. Again, same people dancing in a circle.  Shot taken from above.
  52. Another shot of the same circular dancing.  Only a portion of the circle is shown.
  53. Large circular dance surrounding small group of people sitting in center of circle.
  54. Group of people launching wooden boat.  Bob Sluss shown in foreground.
  55. Rowing team.
  56. Woman smiling.  Water in background.
  57. Two people in T.E.S.C. sailboat on the sound.
  58. Six people in a boat heading for docks.
  59. Close-up of three people sailing the Heidi Elizabeth on the sound.  Looks like fun. Pete Sinclair?
  60. Group of onlookers watching the christening of a wooden boat from the docks.
  61. Two wooden sailboats.  One carries two plaques which read, “Kilgore” and “Trout”.
  62. Man “skiing” on asphalt using elongated roller skates and ski poles.
  63. Picture of same man as above.  This one taken from behind.
  64. Group of men playing soccer.
  65. Soccer game (or scrimmage?).  Matt Cazier pictured in middle rear.
  66. Group of men playing volleyball in front of Evergreen clocktower.  It is three-o-clock.
  67. Group listening to a man in jogging attire explain the path of the Fun Run.
  68. Joggers in motion tearing across Red Square.
  69. Group talking on Red Square.  Includes both young and old people.

  70. Man and woman roller skating.
  71. Jim Johnson of computer services, reading.
  72. People playing pool.
  73. Men lifting weights.
  74. Man smiling.
  75. Same man smiling, accompanied by another man.
  76. Karate class (?)

  77. Two men fencing in front of audience. Fencing club.
  78. Fencing club.
  79. Three people talking in front of large windows.
  80. Potluck in a house.  People gathered around table of food.
  81. Woman playing racquet ball.
  82. Woman performing aerobic exercises.
  83. Basketball scrimmage in outside gym.
  84. People jumping off diving boards in pool area.
  85. People swimming in Evergreen pool.
  86. Man swimming with children.
  87. Swimming instruction.
  88. People congregating by side of pool, surrounded by diving equipment.
  89. Kayaking in Evergreen pool.
  90. Rainier Hasenstab in kayak in pool.
  91. Kayaking instruction in pool.
  92. Kayaking instruction in pool. More people pictured that are in photo above.

1972-07 Box 16 Student Affairs, Campus Life - Events; Concerts, Dances, Plays, Rehearsals, Lectures, Exhibits (5" x 7")

  1. Tamar(a) Toch speaking among group of people.
  2. Some sort of official gathering: people sitting in chairs, rather formally dressed.
  3. Some sort of classroom situation: people sitting in desks taking notes.
  4. Three people talking together and laughing in music building.
  5. People wearing nametags at some sort of reception.
  6. Portrait shot of five students sitting in front row of an audience.
  7. Focused shot of woman holding child in lap watching a performance among a large audience.
  8. People hanging over balcony watching a performance.

  9. Woman sitting in audience.  Appears to be asking a question.
  10. Students watching performance from a balcony.
  11. People watching performance from a balcony.  One woman sitting with legs hanging over side of balcony.
  12. Man reading in front of audience—Les Eldridge and Bill Aldridge.
  13. Shot of audience—people appear to be in deep thought.
  14. Shot of audience—older people.
  15. Margo Hertlien, speaking to a woman.
  16. Large audience.
  17. Orientation, Fall of 1974.
  18. Seminar-like situation, group of people circled around two professors/speakers.
  19. Man raising hand among class of students.
  20. Speaker standing in front of a podium.
  21. A panel discussion.  Three men shown, one being Arthur Tamplin, the others…?
  22. Panel discussion in front of audience; Brother Ronald Hurst, Charlie Teske.
  23. Side view of Professor O at University of Washington.

  24. Karen Fraser speaking.
  25. Two woman, professors?
  26. Three men singing in front of a microphone; Les Eldridge.
  27. Woman dancing, on one leg with both arms upraised.
  28. Japanese ceremony; woman kneeling on rush mat before audience.
  29. Woman reading before microphone.
  30. Panel discussion in a lecture hall before audience.
  31. Evergreen summer of 1978; older woman being interviewed.
  32. Muhlfeld Trio.
  33. Piano performance before audience.
  34. Don Chan conducting orchestra.  Woman singing.
  35. Faculty Don Chan conducting Jazz Ensemble.
  36. Faculty Bob Gottlieb conducting orchestra.
  37. Faculty Bob Gottlieb playing viola with orchestra. 1974?
  38. Woman giving harp performance within library building.
  39. Again, harp performance.  Shot taken from behind harp performer, facing audience.
  40. Male guitarist performing before microphone.
  41. Faculty Tom Foote and Leasy(?) Ryken performing.
  42. Faculty Tom Foote and Leasy(?) Ryken performing at different point in time.
  43. Faculty Tom Foote performing with three other people before audience.
  44. Television studio.
  45. Dancing instruction; woman instructor dancing with man in front of mirror with two other students looking on.
  46. Musical rehearsal; woman playing piano, man holding violin.
  47. Orchestra rehearsal.
  48. Choir rehearsal.
  49. Two men playing trumpets.
  50. Orchestra rehearsal; conducted by faculty Don Chan, including faculty Charles Teske.
  51. Orchestra rehearsal, focus on saxophone section.
  52. Faculty Charles Teske in orchestra rehearsal.

  53. Woman dancing.
  54. First Grand Ball.  Held in library building.
  55. Woman holding a checklist underneath a sign that reads, “MIME”.

  56. Appears to be a scene from a play; woman held up-side-down by man.
  57. Three people regarding art work.
  58. People attending an exhibition entitled “The Challenge”
  59. Public event entitled, “The Pride and the Shame”.
  60. Individual regarding works of art.
  61. Four old women quilting.
  62. Make-shift hospitable situation; people stretched out upon beds, nurses bending over them.
  63. Woman being attended to by nurse.

1972-07 Box 17 Student Affairs, Campus Life - Events, Super Saturday, Graduation, Academic Fair, Tribute to Japan;

  1. T.E.S.C. twentieth anniversary cake.
  2. Televised panel discussion/interview in front of audience.
  3. Graduation?—Crowds on Red Square.
  4. Giovanni Costigan, graduation speaker at T.E.S.C.
  5. Duplicate.
  6. Steaming barbecued chicken food tent.
  7. Bagpipe performance in distance.  Crowd milling around.
  8. Super Saturday.
  9. Man dressed in Arab attire, raised above heads of crowd.
  10. Inflating of blimp-like balloon.
  11. Blimp-like balloon—a fish?—is floating in the air.
  12. Fish blimp floating in air.
  13. Woman painting child’s face at Super Saturday.
  14. Super Saturday, 1980.  Audience watching little girl ride a horse.  Located near Evergreen Library Loop.
  15. Super Saturday.  Olympic Folk Dances—Greek?
  16. Woman in art gallery.  At Evergreen?
  17. Academic fair.  Year unknown.
  18. Dotty O’Neill (?) surrounded by group.  All are looking downward, toward her hands.  All are sitting on the floor.
  19. Students discussing a class at academic fair.
  20. Academic fair.  Bill Brown pictured.
  21. Academic fair.  Faculty Greg Steinke: Exploration of 10th Century Man?
  22. Academic fair.
  23. Giovanni Costigan speaking at Graduation.  Al Wiedermann?
  24. Woman speaking at Graduation.
  25. Audience at Graduation.
  26. Graduation—removed shot of both audience and speaker.

  27. Audience clapping and smiling.
  28. After graduation ceremonies?  Woman holding a carnation.
  29. Woman and dog with balloon.
  30. Running marathon? Woman stretching in running garb.
  31. Graduation, 1979.
  32. Speaker at Graduation.  Taken inside.
  33. Commencement.

  34. Graduation? Super Saturday?

1972-07 Box 18 Student Affairs, Campus Life (3" x 5" color)

  1. Baking sale outside of CAB building.
  2. Same as above, different moment in time.
  3. Woman reading in front of jungle mural.
  4. Round tables and chairs near deli in CAB.  Several people sitting.
  5. Round tables near deli from different angle.
  6. Round tables near deli from yet a different angle.

  7. And again, round table near deli from still a different angle.
  8. View from above of an abandoned Red Square.
  9. View of clock tower from Lecture Hall.

  10. View of clock tower and Lecture Hall from a greater distance.
  11. View from clock tower of CAB.
  12. People congregating on Red Square .

  13. People gathering in sun on Red Square.
  14. People talking on Red Square.

  15. Men playing guitars; women dancing, on Red Square.
  16. Clothes sale outside of CAB.
  17. People talking and reading under a pine tree nest to Red Square.
  18. People reading/gathering on Red Square.  Specifically, man reading on hill.
  19. Three people talking outside next to library.
  20. Computer class.
  21. Man skateboarding across Red Square.
  22. Two women sitting on grass.
  23. Two men sitting on cement railing outside of CAB.  Woman standing nearby.
  24. Volleyball game.
  25. Man leaning against doorway.

1972-07 Box 19 Miscellaneos Photos - art photos, place photos; Friends of TESC—portraits:

  1. Art sculpture involving paper walls and rhinoceros statues.
  2. Boy in Boy Scouts uniform staring at camera.

  3. Jess and Anna Spielholz.
  4. Dan and Debby Swecker standing in front of a fishery.
  5. Carol Fuller and Herbert Fuller posing in front of library shelves.  Fuller Poetry Prize.
  6. Carol and Herbert Fuller sitting together, seemingly engaged in conversation with someone outside range of camera
  7. Herbert Fuller.
  8. Artistic shot.  Stacked chairs.
  9. Artistic shot.  Ambiguous.
  10. Artistic shot.  Wire triangular grid.
  11. Artistic shot.  Exploding light.
  12. Same as above from different angle.
  13. Artistic shot.  Wires plugged onto sockets.
  14. Artistic shot.  Wire heads.
  15. Artistic shot.  ?

  16. Flower arrangement.
  17. Sketch.
  18. Sketch.
  19. Sculpture.
  20. Artistic shot.  Glass testing tubes.
  21. Artistic shot.  Stacked glass jars.
  22. Environmental sculpture.
  23. Old Volvo.
  24. Old car.
  25. Volkswagon bug transformed into a fire truck.
  26. Woman retrieving something from inside a car through the window.
  27. Bridge over-reaching a river.

  28. Tacoma.  Photo by Louis Jones, 1985.

  29. The Capital from an aerial view.
  30. Spider-web covered in dew.
  31. Giant old-growth tree.
  32. The sky framed by leafy tree branches.
  33. Forest scenes.
  34. Forest scenes—salal leaves.
  35. Plants—nature scenes.
  36. Leaves—nature scenes.
  37. Crossed branches on forest grounds.
  38. Maple leaves.
  39. Maple leaf.
  40. Mountain scene—pathway in the summery meadow.
  41. Serene lake and mountain scene.
  42. Forested lake.
  43. Ivy crawling on cement wall.
  44. Komo News 4 interviewing woman on campus.
  45. Portrait shot: Byron Youtz, Faculty Betty Kutter and Sid White.  Japanese delegation.
  46. Japanese delegation.
  47. Ceramic relief.  Part of “Clayworks”.
  48. Sylvester park, downtown Olympia.
  49. Papworta Areh Site. Akko, Isreal.
  50. Dog.

  51. Rusty machine and shiny wrench.
  52. The “Washington families do support Evergreen” event.  George Barner entertains at Evergreen Rally in Sylvester Park.

1976-26 College Advancement: Alumni Affairs

  1. 2008-10-01: Evergreen Night, Seattle Mariners game photo image series (6 images featuring "Speedy the Geoduck mascot with various TESC community members) (Photographer Katie Frank)
    1. Oscar Soule - emeritus faculty and organizer of Evergreen Night at the Mariners game
    2. Oscar Soule and TESC President Les Purce
    3. Unidentified individual (man), Oscar Soule, Speedy, Les Purce and Artee Young (faculty - possibly Director of Tacoma Campus at this time)
    4. Maggie Oldenburg, unidentified individual (woman), Rick Oldenburg (Foundation Board of Governors) and Jane Fisher (head of Library's Sound and Image Library)
    5. Speedy with Mariners Tee shirt
    6. Speedy with clam shell sculpture
    7. Unidentified students and children in Mariners Tee shirts
    8. Crowd seen in Safeco Stadium section with TESC patrons.
  2. Unknown date prior to 1998: Apparent Alumni gathering
    1. TESC Presiden Jane Jervis with unidentified man
    2. Director of College Relations Sandra Hanson (Advancement Executive Director 1995-1998)
    3. Director of Alumni Affairs Jackie Barry, Development Officer Annual Giving Debbie Garrington and Unidentified man in CAB (?) event registration table.
    4. Jackie Berry at event registration table
    5. Unidentified woman at CAB(?) entry door
    6. Unidentified man with two unidentified boys lying on cart in first floor CAB hallway (near postage stamp machines)
    7. Unidentified woman and two unidentified men being photographed by unidentified man
    8. Group of unidentified people, mixed gender (10 in image of which 5 may be identifiable)
    9. Group of unidentified people sitting at picknick table (16 individuals, mixed gender - 10 potentially identifiable)
    10. Group of unidentified people standing - three of 7 certainly potentially identifiable - one of uncertainly identifiable with back to photographer in pink shirt could be Steve Hunter)

1976-32 Academic Affairs: Academic Deans: Faculty: Chan, Esquivel, and Arguelles: Coordinated Studies: Man and Art 1971/72

  1. Dragon Mural (central Library stairwell)

1979-01 Administration: Advancement: Publications: Evergreen Review 1987-1991