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In the Beginning:

A Strange Case of Mistaken Identities

In the beginning was the word - and the word said,

"Let us be joined together with another word so as to make life meaningful", and it was so.†

The new phrase was "Omnia Extares" and mankind eventually learned its meaning, "Let it all Hang-out", a philosophy which was practiced only in an isolated community of scholars located in the Northwest corner of a large corpulent country in one of the major continents on the globe.

At this strange place lived "The Great Telemahandi", a sometime native of the place (but mostly Californian in origin) who was skilled in the lore of Wintergreen College.† This sometime librarian, musical entertainer and Gilbert and Sullivan scholar had been the local Guru for many seasons.† Maintaining an alias for many years to escape the horror of becoming a faculty member he resided in the identity of Malcom Stilson and he followed the philosophy "Eat the Sun and you will be your own father."†

Over time, Mr. Stilson wrote much of the history of Wintergreen College and in the course of doing so touched upon the goings on and activities in the surrounding communities, state and nation.† In one instance he described a newcomer to the Olumpus area, (the nearest city to Wintergreen College).† Das Capital Mall, where "if you don't have credit don't go there at all" floundered its way onto the Olumpus scene mucking up the local environment and followed soon by other such disreputable and uneducated capitalists as "Toys R Us".

Finally, in 1987 Malcolm (as most people affectionately referred to him) left the scholarly community to become a hermit and devote his time to catching up on family genealogy.††† He left a complete set of his Wintergreen histories in the College Archive (fondly known as "the college round file").† His most famous work explored the invasion by certain infamous national celebrities of the serene Wintergreen Campus in the early 70's.† In this incident, a former leader of the country within which Wintergreen exists (a relationship which Wintergreeners have traditionally tried to deny by not celebrating Veteran's Day) has just reiterated one of his most famous phrases,†

††††††††††† ††††††††††† "LET ME SAY THIS ABOUT THAT":

Over the Centuries mankind has undergone momentuous changes of all kinds but Wintergreen College has been cushioned against this onslaught of advancement both because of its relative seclusion and because the Legislature and the State tries to ignore us except when we take over the legislative chambers in time of war.† So although things may seem to change on campus, they really don't!† Take for example the hullabaloo surrounding the design of the new Seminar II building of several decades ago, or was that just recently?†† Anyway, we want to charrette with you!

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