Much of my life has been tied together with film splicing cement. My original goals were to be a research chemist but I spent too much time admiring the exotic equipment and beautiful pure symmetrical crystals and chemical compounds, since it was almost instinctive to take pictures of the systems. I was also attracted by the natural curiosity of other students towards looking at films or images in which they saw things they had never seen before. This and lots of support from teachers put me on a direction in chemical education with a particular interest in finding new ways for students and teachers with limited resources to see chemistry as it is, am to be able to perform meaningful manipulations in chemical systems with a minimum of trivial exercises.

Making films and TV tapes in chemistry is a good way to generate lots

of lumps. People,when they see depicted in a permanent image something which they had always visualized frcma particular point of view, offer many interesting responses and criticisms.

Historically, I started at Montana State College in the general

chemistry program,building the first closed circuit TV system in the state, and started teaching chemistry by closed circuit TV in 1958. The family moved on from there to the University of Florida where

I worked with John Baxter on Chemistry TV series and then to Princeton University with Hubert Alyea. He directed the team in which we presented science materials for the Century 21 World Fair. One summer was spent at Burdwan India and then back to Montana State University. My Ph.D came from Ohio State.

I have been deeply involved in curriculum projects for 14 years,

including the Advisory Council on College Chemistry and most recently with the Chemical Technician Curriculum project at Berkeley.

My wife is Margie, we have two daugheers, Cheryl 16, Julie 3, a son, Steven 13, a son, Paul 11. Margie is great with a needle and thread. Cheryl's life orbits between babysitting and boys. Steve is a hiker and deep in Scouts. Much of my evening time is taken up writing. I am Editor for the Journal of Chemical Education and the Journal of

College Science Teaching. My main personal interest is wine tasting. We live in the back of Green Cove Court (3516) next to all the fancy construction.

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