Half-time Faculty - Individual Contracts
Half-time Library Group - Electronic Media Producer
Will consider contracts in these areas:

PHOTOGRAPHY: still  - 35mm & 4x5 formats;
black & white printing, color transparancies;
portrait, product, nature, still life
and human subjects. Motion- super-8 &
16mm formats; black & white and color
reversal films; scripting, writing,
shooting, sound recording, processing,
editing, mixinq & printing techniques.

TELEVISION: Color and Black & white;
studio & remote; program design and
development, writing, scripting, record-
ing, editing and distribution; product-
ion practices and techniques.

AUDIO: professional recording practices
and techniques; use of recording
equipment in studio and remote;
editing, dubbing and transfering
techniques; film recording and

MULTI-MEDIA: program design, writing,
scripting, visuals, audio recording,
programming and presentation - primarily
35mm slides as the medium.

how to design, produce, evaluate
and use.

Miscellaneous Hobbies & Interests

Sailing (Lasers & C-Larks, racing),
snow skiing (mediocre, prefer night),
bicycle riding (non-hard-core, day
trips, dry), still photography
(weekends and on impulse), camping,
non-profit broadcasting (KRAB-FM
in Seattle), the movies (good ones:
old, new and foreign), leaving
town, cold beer.

My Posture
I like to work with individuals who
already have their identity crises
well in hand, who are really self-
motivated, who use common sense, who
have generally figured out what it
is they want to do at Evergreen
and are willing to develop and follow
a realistic plan to reach those
goals. I like to work with indi-
viduals who are willing to listen, to
seriously consider advice given,
who will admit to the existence of
alternative methods and possibilities,
who are willing to dismantle life-
long assumptions, who are willing to
change and grow in ways they them-
selves never thought possible.
I will do all I can, within the
confines of my half-time position
and the 40-50 hour week, to help,
teach, criticize and be honest with
all those who'll do the same with me.

This all may sound like 'approved'
Evergreen rhetoric, but its how I
really feel and how I try to act -