Larry Eickstaedt

Mine is a story of a rather unpredictable path to Evergreen. I attended Buena Vista College with the thought of becoming a high school biology teacher, but prior to my senior year I decided to apply to medical school. I also got married at this time and at the end of the year, Jeanie and I set off for Iowa City and the U. of Iowa Medical School. After a little more than a semester I realized that I was very much out-of-place and I transferred to the Department of Zoology to pursue my M.S. My initial plan was to go into high school teaching, but very quickly I found that graduate work and research was a great deal of fun and so a few years later we set off for Palo Alto and Stanford. After a year on the main campus, we quickly moved to the Monterey Peninsula where stan- ford's Hopkins Marine Station is located and where I pursued my studies on the Reproductive Biology of the Sand Crab and took part in an oceanographic expedition to South and Central America. After this sort of training, the next step was obvious--the new Ph.D. Marine Biologist set out with family (son No. 1 had arrived in Palo Alto) for Old Westbury--an experimental college on Long Island.

Ten months later we made another cross-country move to Olympia and Evergreen. How? Why? Because at Old Westbury I worked with Merv Cadwallader and Bob Sluss and got hooked on coordinated studies--and I remain hooked.

Last year I had a fantastic time working in the Environmental Design program. I am very optimistic and excited about this coming year and I am pleased to be participating in the Sex Roles in Society program.

Very recently we moved to a small farm near Shelton and since Jeanie and
I both grew up on farms in Iowa, we feel as though a cycle has been completed and we are thoroughly enjoying our home life. Another son,        Christopher, joined us in 1971 and all of us are making plans to expand our farm "family" with cows, ducks, chickens, rabbits , etc .

Jeanie is presently teaching part-time at the Westside Cooperative Nursery School and, after spending several years as the primary bread winner, she is enjoying spending more time with the piano. I am hoping to find time to pursue my interests in gardening and woodworking and I am looking forward to thoroughly enjoying my role as a gentleman farmer.