Jeanne Hahn

A native of San Francisco, I grew up in the Bay Area wi th my summers spent on my uncle's cattle ranch. There I became a cowboy, learning to ride, rope, bull-dog, and break horses. Most of these skills have lapsed. I received a B.A. in political science from the Univ.
of Oregon. At the Univ. of Chmcago I worked on a M.A. in American politics, learned to sail, and started a Phd in the judicial process. After Chicago, I joined the government department at Oberlin Co~lege. About this time, my professional interests began to shift to broader questions of social control and social change. At Oberlin, educational reform was in the air, badly splitting both faculty and students.
Words from Evergreen were beginning to filter through and every so often a smiling Charlie Teske would appear. Last year was spent at Brooklyn College -- an educational mill where, at the end of the year, it was considered a major accomplishment if one knew with any degree of certainty the names of fellow departmental members.