Don Humphrey

I am a biologist who is currently masquerading as an academic dean. That means that I give counsel in the sciences and mathematics to anyone who wants it, I coordinate efforts to equip programs and buildings, I try to get self-paced learning going and I worry a lot.

I came to Evergreen from a position as assistant dean of faculty and professor of biology at Oregon State University. I have also taught at the University of Washington and Oregon College of Education.

My interests include about everything, but more specifically I study the evolution of genetic systems, the history of biology and the sociology of science. I have participated in expeditions to search for lost Mayan cities in the Yucatan and to study the ecology of the remote carron del Rio Mezquital in the Sierra Madre of Mexico. I have also studied tropical biology in Costa Rica.

I have a charming wife, Eileen, and two red-headed children, Ragan and Holly (biologists know how to manage these things). We have two dogs, a cat, a rabbit, two parakeets, a horse and numerous frogs.

My off hours are spent sailing, painting, hiking, reading and looking at chromo- somes. I hang out in L14l6. If you want to find out what one dean does, share
an interest or just pass the time of day, drop by to see me.