Information about Mark L. Papworth that may help others to (1) avoid him (2) know him better with having to
meet him (3) compare their interests, strengths and experience with his.

Charges: That Papworth has
      Been an Art Student (Painting)
      Been a Sailor (merchant marine)
      Studied Sociology and Philosophy (BS. -Sociology)
      Been a Soldier (drafted- emerged victorious,  a private)
      Studied Human Biology and Anthropology  (MA. -Anthropology)
      Been a curator of a Museum of Natural History
      Been a Field Director of Archaeological Expeditions in Central Africa, Northern North America, Mexico, Egypt and Israel (part of which became a PhD. in Anthropology)
      Been a teacher on National Educational television (50 1 hour 1 man shows)
      Been a lecture hall professor of anthropology with hat and cane (U. of M.,  U. of Colo., Oberlin College)
      Been a teacher in Peace Corps training ("Cross Cultural Co-ordinator", Peace Corps West Africa)
      Published some monographs, articles and two poems
      Been afraid to fail through it all

Defense.: That Papworth yearns
      To lose the fear of failing
      To follow up work with primate cognition
      To popularize, dramatize and hard-sell the concept of culture in opposition to the egregious but ubiquitous misapplication of psychology to everything
      To walk in the forest
      To write better poetry
      To let go of institutionalized life lines
      To learn what he has learned
      To help others in any way he can to hold life loosely and gracefully in awe of what is beautiful and good

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