Robert Sluss

I came to Evergreen from Old Westbury. The greatest
attraction for me was the location of Evergreen and,
in addition, I enjoyed the style of teaching.I'd done
at Old Westbury.

Old Westbury was folding and I could not take another
year in the East. My introduction to Coordinated
Studies occurred at San Jose State where I joined
the Tutorial Program from the Department of Biology.
Before I went to San Jose State, I worked over 10
years on Entomological research for the U.S.D.A.
and for the Department of Biological Control at
The University of California, Berkeley. I enjoyed
insect research and I'd be willing to return to
that world. It is my hope that I can combine
my research interests with- teaching at Evergreen
by way of the Contracted Studies mode. I would
enjoy undertaking various research topics; in
ecology, invertebrate pathology, and population
dynamics with a group of excited students. I
also enjoy the learning and teaching of material
far from biology in the Coordinated Studies mode.

My wife, Ruth, and I have a l6-year-old boy
living at home, and I have two older children
living  in California. Ruth and I enjoy pinochle,
skiing, hiking, cooking, chess, and music. I
also enjoy fly fishing and tennis.