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  • Professor Steven Booth-Butterfield's Thoughts on Attribution Theory

  • Research on Attribution and Music
    Jan 27, 1996:
    "Hitler's Willing Executioners", a doctoral thesis turned book turned social phenomenon in Germany is an interesting example of working on attributions of the past in figuring out how we should deal with the present and the future. The book was written by American Daniel Goldhagen. I have a good story on the controversy around it from Sunday's NYTimes magazine. Meanwhile, some people are still arguing that the Holocaust didn't happen, didn't exist.
    Jan 27, 1996:
    Germany's dealings with Scientology is another good example where people are trying to "gather" phenomena together in different ways to show the "true underlying cause".
    Jan 14, 1996:
    Here is a software gallery related to sociology. One of the programs, Attitude Consistency, is a tutorial on attribution theory. Click on the title or here to download the program. It might be Mac-only, and you need Unstuffit or some such thing. I have it on disk for Mac if that's easier. There are some other interesting ones here, like the perceptual context (similar to visual perception overheads I used today).
    Jan 13, 1996:

    There's good stuff to follow up on the Hebron example in the New York Times (you may need to sign up and get a password to use the NY Times, but it's free now). There's the

  • The story on Hebron shows where the "apparent agreement" is attributed partially to US guy Dennis Ross, partially to King Hussein. There is also talk that (quote taken from article 1/13/97, by Serge Schmemann)
    The fact that Netanyahu and Arafat were not expected to initial the agreement evidently reflected the resentment raised by the long, bitter talks.
    What other attributions are possible? Once one determines that the reason is that they are "resentful", do we remember the behaviors that led to that attribution?

  • In a brief audio clip, Benjamin Netanyahu attributes the recent pact to King Hussein.

  • In his brief audio clip, King Hussein is modest about his contribution.
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