Plant Physiology
A joint module of Structure of life
and Ecological Agriculture

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9:00-12:00, LH 4

Thursday Lecture

9:00-12:00, Lib 1612

Reading, workshops & other events
Introduction to the cell› 

Extra: visit the Virtual Cell!

Biochemistry for plant physiologists›

Extra: Molecular Modeling!

Lab 1› Reading: Salisbury & Ross (S&R) 1.1-1.11, 2.1-2.5; and 9.1-9.6

Study Questions

Membranes and general metabolism› General metabolism and respiration

Extra: DIY Glycolysis!

Lab 2› S&R 7.4, 13.1-13.13
Photosynthesis I› Photosynthesis II› Lab 3› S&R 10.1-10.9; 11.1-11.3

Study Questions

Photosynthesis III› Photosynthesis IV, photorespiration› Lab 4› S&R 11.4-11.6; 12.1-12.4
Biosynthesis I› Biosynthesis II› Lab 5› S&R 11.7; 15.1-15.9
Plant nutrition I› Plant nutrition II›

Extra: Nitrogen Fixation!

And... Molly 'mid the garlic!

Lab 6› S&R 6.1-6.7, 7.1-7.12, 14.1-14.6

Midterm Key

Water relations; transpiration & translocation I› Transpiration & translocation II› Lab 7› Note updated reading!

S&R 3.1-3, 3.6 (major points only); 4.1-9; 5(all); 8.1-4

Solutions to Study Questions 2, 5-8

Hormones› Plant development, environmental signals› Lab 8› S&R 16.1-16.7, 17.1-17.3, 18.1-18.7
Gene regulation I› Gene regulation II, genetic engineering/molecular biology› Lab 9› S&R 24.1-24.5

Friday is last day to turn in late work!

Student Presentations Student Presentations TBA› Final exam key!
Evaluation Week

Random Fun Links

The current precipitation situation

Fall 1997 SOL home page.

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