Welcome to the Tacoma Campus


To provide an interdisciplinary, reality-based, community responsive Liberal Arts education for urban working adults.


To operate from a frame of reference that values hospitality, inclusivity, reflection, family, community, collaboration, reciprocity and academic excellence.


Recognizing the importance of personal and professional growth, research,
scholarship and community service, the Tacoma Campus’ goals are to:

     Create a dynamic and nurturing environment for the cultural, social,
     intellectual, personal, professional and spiritual growth of its students and
     the well-being of its host community through the infusion of diverse
     perspectives, the validation of cultural roots and the examination of
     historical experience;

     Provide students with the concepts, information, skills, and experiences
     necessary to broaden their perspectives and frames of reference, and
     enhance their ability to have difficult dialogues across race, class, gender,
     age, ability, sexual orientation and empire; and

     Develop and motivate students to become politically, socially and
     intellectually competent so that they make significant contributions within
     their communities.

“Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve”

Academic Programs
Winter Quarter 1997/98
Information Research Methods for the Early 21st Century (Winter)
Tony Reynolds and Lee Lyttle
Richard Brian
Literacy, Science, and the Imagination
Willie Parson and Leslie Lass
Family Studies
Joye Hardiman and Eddie Brown
Law and Policy
Artee Young and Larry Mosqueda
Computer Studies and Software
Tony Reynolds
Leversa Sullivan
Writing Laboratory
Leslie Lass