Energies (Celestial and Terrestrial) and Astronomy
faculty and staff

Program Secretaries: 

for Astronomy: Pam Udovich and Tony Leahy, Lab I, Rm 1020  x6600

for Stars, Sky, and Culture: Mary Hansen, Lab II, Rm 2250  x6102

Core Connector: Rachelle Sharpe,  Admissions office, x6176

The Core Connector program was developed to improve the transition of first-year students to Evergreen. Connectors are advisors who share campus resources with students to help them have a successful first year at Evergreen. The primary goal of the Core connector program is to make connections among student affairs staff, faculty, and first-year students. The staff should be more visible as resources for first-yaer students and faculty.

Rachelle is an Admissions & Financial Aid Counselor who looks forward to helping you any way she can. If she can't help you, she will know who can. Some of her goals for spring quarter are to provide you with information on:

Rachelle's office is located in the Admissions Office. You may stop by any time - leave a message if she's not available. You can also call her at x6176 or email her at sharper@elwha.evergreen.edu.


E.J. ZitaFall &Winter (Celestial, Terrestrial, Seminar);  Spring (Astronomy)
        email: zita@evergreen.edu
        office hours:  after classes (in the classrooms) and Friday 11:00-11:45 (in office)
        office: Lab I, Rm 1005
Jim StrohFall (Terrestrial Energies and Seminar)
        Lab II, Rm 3249

John MarvinWinter and Spring (Celestial: General Relativity)
        Lab I, Rm 2011

Llyn DeDanaan:  Spring (Stars, Sky, and Culture - in conjunction with Astronomy)
       Lab II Rm 2251

Carl ZambutoSpring (Astronomy observing sessions)
       446-1719, 446-0734

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