Astronomy Events, Field Trips, updates, and observing plans...

In addition to continuing to hold office hours after class in the classroom, Zita has added another office hour, in her office (Lab I Rm 1005) on Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30.


Monday.8.June: CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa on the birth of Lily Serafina! Mother and child are tired, but doing fine...



Friday 17.April: Zita scheduled extra meeting times this morning for teams to discuss your research projects.

Tues.21.April: Dark sky party and Lyrid meteor shower observations with Carl Zambuto and his graduating class of telescope builders. This is a required field trip, if it's clear. Lots of scopes to look through. Bring a sleeping bag, thermos with hot drink, and a lounge chair or cot, and plan to stay into the wee hours of the morning, since the meteor shower will peak just before dawn. Jeremie Habighorst needs a partner on his research project on meteor showers - if you still need a project, talk to Jeremie on Tuesday night!

A 15-person college van will leave the bus stop at the circle of Red Square at 8:30, after our 6-8 astronomy class, and will return when most of the riders decide it's time to go back home. Those who signed up with a "yes" on the van list last Tuesday have first priority; "maybes" have second priority; and others may ride in the van if there is room.

Talk to your classmates about carpooling, otherwise. See you at Susan's at 9:00 pm! Click here for directions.

Wed.22.April: film "Out At Work" screens 7-9 pm at the Recital Hall of the Communications Building. Admission is free.

OUT AT WORK - The first ever documentary about gays and lesbians on the job in the 90's follows three individuals' struggle with discrimination and their battles to overcome it. It is an intimate and inspiring portrait of the lengths common people are compelled to go to in the face of hatred and ignorance.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion on gay and lesbian workplace issues.

1.May: Registration deadline for the Spring Science Fair on 14.May. All astronomy people should register with your research team. Contact Elizabeth Thomas for details:, or get a registration form outside Zita's door.

Thus.7.May - No observing off the library roof tonight - too cloudy - but do go out with your team this weekend if it clears up!

Fri.8.May: Poster-making party + potluck: info from Wendy (

The party will be from 5 to 10 pm in Library 3500. (That's right outside the LRC). Anyone interested in getting together to make their posters for the Science Fair is welcome. If there are any supplies that you need us to get, please let me know immediately. We will be working on our posters and holding a potluck. Bring something yummy! See ya there, Wendy

Wed.13.May: SWWAS invites us to join them in a field trip to the Pettinger-Guiley Observatory in Puyallup. Meet them at 6:00 pm under the big tree at South Sound Center in the Sears parking lot off Sleater-Kinney Road in Lacey. They'll have a meeting, a movie, and weather permitting, they will look through the 15" refracting telescope. Dennis Rech says this is the "biggest refractor privately owned west of the Mississippi," and the optics are superb.

Fri.14.May: Annual Spring Science Fair at Evergreen. Make a poster of your research-in-progress and present it in the Library lobby area. Astronomy will pay your $5 registration fee. Register with Elizabeth Thomas by 1.May:

Sat.16.May: 10-6: Astronomy Day at Capital Mall: Robbie would really like help all day from you all to work at the children's booth.... Please sign up with LLyn DeDanaan.

You would help the kids:

Zita and LLyn were both there last year and we both had a good time. There were people showing CD star and sky programs, lots of telescopes and telescope makers, and lots of interest from the public passing by.

So we would like to ask Stars Sky and Culture and Astronomy folk to make commitments for that day....maybe 2 hours each, in teams of four - if this is something you'd like to do.

Tues.19.May: No observing on the library roof tonight - aim for Thursday.

19.May: FOUND: TELESCOPE EQUIPMENT. Thanks to the students who found it in their car... we still cannot use the Meade, unfortunately, until it has a permanant set-up.

Earlier in May: MISSING: TELESCOPE EQUIPMENT. I hope that someone just forgot to put the Meade's tripod and optics case back in the storage room, maybe after the field trip? Please talk to Zita x6853 or LLyn x6146 if you have any idea where this stuff might be. We can't use the Meade at all, without the tripod and optics!

Sat.23.May: SSC students may be organizing a field trip - talk to them if you'd like to go along. LLyn describes the event:

Star Party at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, in conjuction with Juan de Fuca Festival. This Festival runs May 22-25 and celebrates science and performing arts! Lots of speakers. Port Angeles high school astronomy club involved. For more information e-mail and/or see the e-mail about this on LLyn's office door. There will be people from the Jet Propulsion lab, mimes, talks on mars, the oceans of Europa, a geologist from Mars pathfinder team...

Mon.25.May: Elaine will let you into the Computer Center at 10:00 this morning outside the main doors, if it's closed. If you come later in the day, call x6231 from the hall phone outside the computer center and she'll let you in... maybe bring money to thank her with dinner ;)

Thursday.4.June: Potluck 7:30 pm and observing 9:30 pm at the Library Ballroom, 4300 near the observing deck. (Not at Carl's house after all - the moon will be bright, so we will not benefit much this night from a dard-sky site after all.) There is a nice kitchen here if you want to cook or warm things up, but please bring your own plates and utensils.

Monday.8.June: Last chance to get YOUR POSTER in the bookstore window - meet Stars, Sky, and Culture at the bookstore this morning at 9:00 am to put your poster up, if you like. Then everyone can see it at graduation. You can get it back afterwards.


Thus.16.April: No Library rooftop observing tonight. If it's clear, get out with your group and look at the sky (moon, constellations, your projects, and maybe Messier objects)

Tues. 14.April: Yes, we will all meet together at 8 pm at the Library. If it is too cloudy to observe upstairs (4004 to roof) we will discuss recent workshops downstairs (1316). Bring your binoculars and planisphere and rskim the Messier Binocular info so we can look at some nearby galaxies if it's clear. Also bring your questions about

Sat.11.April: Search for Life in the Universe - a meeting at Berkeley. It only costs $25 registration - drive down for the weekend with a few classmates?

Thus.9.April: Library workshop starts at 11:00 am for Astronomy program, and at 10:00 for the SSC program. Meet the librarians at the Reference Desk, and they will take you to their classroom.

Thus.9.April: Yes, we are meeting around Lib 4004 tonight, even though it looks cloudy. We can do space and time workshops together, and maybe look at the moon.

Wed.8.April.98: Zita will talk about Evergreen's astronomy activities and plans, including possible future planetarium and observatory, at the South West Washington Astronomical Society meeting at 8:00 at South Puget Sound Community College, Building #26, Room 105. (Free)

This is a good opportunity for class members to meet experienced amateur observers. SWWAS members are friendly and eager to share their knowledge and excitement about observing. We hope to join one of their star parties with all their nice telescopes later this quarter

Tues.7.April: No observing on the library - too cloudy - meet Thursday instead.