The Arts and the Child

Picture by Wendy Hale
4 quarter hours
Hirsh Diamant, ext. 6588
W, 6-10p, LIB 4004
Special Expenses: Art supplies (approximately $15).
Reference #: 97219M
In this program, students will explore child development through theoretical readings and practical observations.
Students will also be engaged in writing, drawing, painting, movement and puppetry. During this quarter, we will
focus on fairy tales and stories of our becoming in the critical period of children's transition from home to school
and look at using these stories in curriculum for children ages five to nine. The class will spend time working with
children in the community, including those at risk or enrolled in Head Start programs. Students must be present
at the first class to be considered enrolled.
Suggested readings:

Maria Loise Von-Frantz
Clarissa Pincola Estes

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