Student Originated Software 1997-1998

A Software Engineering Course at
The Evergreen State College

Year-Long Project - Spring Quarter Deliverables

Participation in the Software Fair. Tuesday, June 2, 3-6, with a demo-able system. You are encouraged to bring your project notebook to the fair, to show visitors and faculty.

Project Notebook: due Thursday, June 4, 10am at the Retreat. Doug's teams should at least bring what he hasn't already seen, e.g., User's Guide.

Notebook contents will differ from team to team, but below is a core set of items to include (none of this should be new to you).

  1. Project Title Page with Table of Contents with list of team members.
  2. Team and Customer Covenants, Customer Contract.
  3. Software Requirements Specification:
      Statement of Scope and Objectives
      Narrative Overview of Problem Statement and System Requirements.
      Nonfunctional requirements -- Constraints, Assumptions & Dependencies.
      Background Information on the Domain, existing systems,"Software Landscape"
        Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations.
        References and annotated bibliography.
      User Characteristics or profile, a clear indication of who your users are.
      User scenarios for the major functions of the system.
  4. Feasibility Study. (from fall quarter)
  5. Development Plan and project log (no finer than a weekly granularity)
  6. Software Design Specification / design decisions, as appropriate.
  7. Detailed Design Specification if appropriate.
  8. User's Guide.
  9. Evaluation of the System, including proposed enhancements or redesign.
    should include Test Plans and Results.
  10. Code Listing. (a representative sample -- code will be evaluated on the basis of its readability)
  11. Project Home Page (if appropriate).

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