Student Originated Software 1997-1998
Winter Quarter

A Software Engineering Course at
The Evergreen State College

UNIX Potluck

Assignment #5
Due February 12th


  1. (3 points) Graphic mailer. Using Tcl and Tk, devise a graphical front-end to the UNIX mail. This system is to compose mail and sendit. I'd love to get some e-mail that was mailed from here(I'm at You'll be given points based on the functionality and look and feel of the mailer.

  2. (2) Front end to a Unix command. Using Tcl and Tk create a graphical interface to it. It would be nice if it worked. 1 point for user interface design only...

  3. (3) Random sentences. Write your Perl program for random sentences in Tcl.

Super User

  1. (3) Kitchen Timer. User can enter an amount of time into a text entry widget, which then counts down and beeps(or does something interesting) when the timeis up. (Hint: one way to do it is to use the "after" command.)

  2. (2) Stop Light. Make some kind of user interface that turns green, yellow, red, etc.


  1. (3) Hey, yet another web browser. Using Tk design the user interface for a web browser. Don't worry about functionality .. yet.
  2. (4) Self Modifying Interface. Using Tcl and Tk design a web browser that modifies itself in some interesting way(s). One way might be to have a button that says "Randomly change my color"; another way to do it would be to have parts of the interface change themselves after some time had elapsed.

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