Student Originated Software 1997-1998
Winter Quarter

A Software Engineering Course at
The Evergreen State College

UNIX Potluck

Assignment #7
Due March 3rd

Modifying the whiteboard

Working in teams of 2-3 add additional features or improve in some way the shared whiteboard.

Here are some suggestions...

  • add a text box so that people can chat about what they're doing.
  • Add some sort of control mechanisms so that only one person can change the whiteboard at a time.
  • Make a central console that sets up whiteboards on various systems (don't know if that's possible!). Alternatively make a console that shows, say, six active whiteboards, and includes information about who's participating in each one.
  • Add other geometric entities.
  • Make the whiteboard "refreshable" (currently if a whiteboard is resized the changes in other whiteboards are not reflected)
  • Add writing whiteboard information and reloading it.
  • Letting whiteboard users tweak their local whiteboards.
  • communicating *between* whiteboards!!
  • Adding video... :-)
The code is on grace (reachable from solduc) in the /opt/tcltk.samples/dpwish/whiteboard directory. Copy wbClient.tcl and wbServer.tcl into your one of your directories, Change the first line of each script so that it points to dpwish, chmod the files and run them (wbServer first!)

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