Student Originated Software 1997-1998
Winter Quarter

A Software Engineering Course at
The Evergreen State College

Thursdays, 1-2:30
(and some Mondays, 10-11:15)

  1. Jan 5 Video - Triumph of the Nerds (Part II)
    Jan 8 Program/Project Organization
    Workshop/Discussion on Requirements

  2. Jan 12 short movie -
      followed by Q&A to Dave Myers (graphics expert) resource proposals for microsoft and lemelson cancelled due to weather and Linda Stone cancellation to be rescheduled

    Jan 15 more on requirements gathering
    video of lecture by expert Bill Pardee followed by workshop

  3. Jan 19 holiday -- no class
    Jan 22Thomas A Finholt
    the various collaboratory and digital library efforts at Michigan, as well as do a bit of advertising about the School of Information.

  4. Jan 26 joint requirements work....
    Jan 29 Michael Muller, Microsoft on participatory design

  5. Feb 2 Requirements re-engineering (topdown & bottom up)
    Feb 5 Charles Ditzel - Sun Microsystems

  6. Feb 9 project requirements, winter quarter paper, preview spring
    Feb 12 Bonnie Moonchild, on paper prototyping

  7. Feb 16 holiday -- no class
    Feb 19 Ryan Davis, SOS'96 alum, formerly of GemStone

  8. Feb 23 No class
    Feb 26 John Cushing, on Evergreen's PLATO project, CAI and intellectual property

  9. Mar 2 TBA - workshop on testing? web pages? spring quarter? hepcat presentation...
    Mar 5 Ryan Waite, Microsoft, on jobs

  10. Mar 9 Still to be confirmed
      10-12 Rob Duisberg, on graphics, games and design....
      and/or, student participatory design or requirements work

    Mar 12 Andrew Black, Chair Computer Science and Engineering, Oregon Graduate Institute
      11-12 - implications of distributed systems on language design, possibly including persistence.

      12-1 lunch....w/ doug, al, david, john (neal is gone that day) planning for stemple

      1-2 - graduate school....

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