Student Originated Software 1997-1998
Winter Quarter

A Software Engineering Course at
The Evergreen State College

Here is the demo schedule for next week. Please be ready with your system up and running, and a clear idea of what you are going to show when it comes time for your demo. these are very short and i want to see as much as possible.

Be prepared to show

  • database design -- the table diagram with relationships,
  • test data -- i.e., the populated tables,
  • one input form (screen) -- show how it works, and
  • your report

MOST people are done, and ready to move on to some database aspect of their project. If you are not there yet (still working on the lab database, show what you have during your demo).

If there's time to show more, GREAT! Dave Metzler will be available in the lab from 10:30-12, for questions/comments.

CLASS WILL START AT 9:30 next week, NOT 9!



9:30 - class, LIB 1316 - NOTE TIME CHANGE!!!
    transaction processing; recovery, etc. HW 5, in class and

Lab Database Project Demos

    10:40 jesse
    10:50 brian
    11 chris, dung
    11:15 julie, terry
    11:30 trang
    11:40 selmarie
    11:50 cathy


9:30 - class LIB 1316 - Object Databases -- or architectures
  • Lab Database Project Report Due
  • Hand in one paragraph description of what database "project" you will do the last 2 weeks)

Lab Database Project Demos

    10:30 elizabeth
    10:40 cedrus
    10:50 kyle
    11 chelsea
    11:15 phi, mai-loan
    11:30 nopadol
    11:40 susie
    11:50 travis

Week 8 - 24, 26 February - CLASS MEETS AT 10:30, Judy is in Atlanta at a conference.
    Mon. -- NO 10am class. 11:30 lecture and 2-3 seminar as usual

    Tue. 10:30 Study question review session; FINAL EXAM WILL BE HANDED OUT

    Thu. NO CLASS exam due to Judy's mailbox on 3rd floor Lab I, or Dave Metzler by Friday noon.

Remaining Reading Assignments (no more homework!)

Week 7

Thu. 19 Feb. Chapter 16 -- database architectures.

Week 9

Tue. 3 Mar. Ch. 8 - Object-Oriented Databases
Thu. 5 Mar. Ch. 9 - Object-Relational Databases

Week 10

Tue. 10 Mar. Ch. 21 - New Applications
Thu. 12 Mar. Selected Final Project Reports, and guest speaker Andrew Black on language design for distributed systems

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