Student Originated Software 1997-1998

A Software Engineering Course at
The Evergreen State College

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(Bioinformatics Automated Research Tool)
    This system will help molecular biologists search protein databases with greater efficiency.

Team Members

  • Michael Crozier
  • Elizabeth Thomas
  • Torleiv Flatebo Ringer

Kola Chicken

Team Members

  • TQ Berg
  • Jaron Sampson

Collaboratory Group

    The Evergreen Collaboratory project is working in coordination with Pacific Northwest National Laboratories on aspects of an electronic notebook application.

Team Members

  • Eric Gage
  • Pavan W.B. Auman
  • Robert Anderson
  • Travis Brooks


    Fully modular, realtime audio software for live performance.

Team Members

  • David Guion
  • Shannon Gray
  • Jeremy Freakin-Ross
  • Yosem Sweet
  • Michael McCracken
  • Antonio Canepa


(Business System Software Development)
    This project is to develop a comprehensive business system for The M&W Building Supply Company, providing job cost estimating capabilities and customer contract development.

Team Members

  • Brian Clark
  • Jesse Avara


(Distributed Redundant Automation Toolkit)
    An extensible distributed automation system.

Team Members

  • Zach Gray
  • Robert Wright
  • David Faulkner
  • Katrina Carpenter
  • Renee Alexander
  • Bob Bulgrien

DSHS Accessibility and Quality Indicator Project

    Database with interactive web page, providing field nurse or staff to upload the data from a remote location.

Team Members

  • Catherine Coffman
  • Susi Leigh
  • Nopadol McNiel
  • Mai Nguyen
  • Phi Nguyen

Aging and Adult Services Boarding Home Database

    This database system will aid the Aging and Adult Servies staff in traking boarding home information, reporting inspection activities that are scheduled, and reporting a history of activities.

Team Members

  • Chris Litchfield
  • Dung Tong
  • Elizabeth Yeager
  • Trang Nguyen

The SCN Calendar

    The SCN Calendar Project's goal is to create a community calendar for the Seattle Community Network.

Team Members

  • Josh Kostecka
  • Ruth Sanders
  • Julie Haworth
  • Kyle Overmiller


(Forest And Tree Virtual Imaging System)
    Forest And Tree Virtual Imaging System. An original scientific imaging tool employing various 3D and 2D rendering techniques to aid canopy scientists in visualizing research data.

Team Members

  • Jesse Thompsen
  • Todd Schip
  • Lisa Allen


    In this CD_ROM game, the player will face a variety of scientific, ethical, and practical challenges in an effort to exterminate the human race. The initial version is for a single player; further evolutions will allow for multiple players having the capability to choose alternate roles such as law enforcement, public health scientists, or competing 'exterminators' playing in a MUD atmosphere.

Team Members

  • Drogheda NiFaolain
  • John Rock
  • Irina Gendelman

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