**Web Design - Class 4 -- July 14, 1998 -- Agenda ****

At last week's class, you should have:

Please see Judy at the break if you: You should have for this class: Objectives and activities for today's class are: Today's Schedule (times are aproximate!): For the workshop on projects, we will divide into groups of 3 or4, according to level of expertise:

Project Workshop (15 min):  In your group of 3, designate someone who will take notes, especially of problems people are having.

Project Workshop Debrief (15 min):  We'll talk about the kinds of projects we are doing, what people are learning, and what problems people are having.

Web-Accessible Databases.  The demo's today will show two different products that allow databases web interfaces (relatively easily).  One of the most standard ways to do this is to create a microsoft Access Database, link it to MS SQL Server, and use Interdev to develop an appropriate HTML interface.  We will show you two other options:  Informix datablade and Claris' FileMakerPro.

Demo copies of FileMakerPro and Claris Homepage are available at www.claris.com;  the purchase price is approx. $150.  This is one of the easiest ways to do a web-accessible database.  FMPRO db and software can be anywhere, but FMPRO must be running and the db open to access via the web.  you can add records to a db via the web interface, search edit records, etc.

FMPRO has a built-in web server product, called Web Companion, that allows browsers to interact with published databases.  You don't need additional server software to pubish db on the web.  The steps to bring up a web-accessible database (in general) are;

In lab today, you should add your data to the database.  Via the browser, go to  (This should bring you to the launch screen.  Press New Record to add your information, and then Search Database to see what info is already there!

So we won't overload the database server, please do this according to the row in which you are sitting, as follows....

Enjoy it while it's here!  Sorry, but you will probably not be able to access this database during the week....

Due at class next week: