Evergreen Summer School, 1998
2 quarter hours, first session
Tuesday evenings 6-10pm, L 1316 and GCC
Prerequisites: none

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Scripting, or programming, World Wide Web sites is a burgeoning new field. The zeitgeist has created many new possibilities and pitfalls. In this class we will explore and use some of the available scripting and programming tools and protocols, with an emphasis on HTML and JavaScript (client-side programming). Simple server-side CGI/Perl programming will also be covered. Additionally, we will discuss issues relating to security and commerce, information management and study some of the trade-offs between competing protocols.

Faculty: Judy Bayard Cushing and Sylys Knackstedt

Text: <creative html design>, by Lynda Weinman, William Weinman, New Riders, 1998.

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The class will be organized into five sessions, each session with a theme, as below. To receive credit for the class, you are expected to:

Tentative schedule (to be updated as we go along):

Class 1, June 23. Introduction .

Homework (due Class 2):

Class 2, June 30. Images. Discussion of student projects, more HTML (linking), tiling, plus scanning and photoshop workshops. Bring something to scan and a disk!!

Homework (due Class 3): TBA

Class 3, July 7. Sound and animation.

Class 4, July 14. CGI scripts and information on the web (web databases).

Class 5, July 21. Demos, final discussion and Farewells.

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