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The Envisioning Home Program was designed fro students who are artists and musicians to find their "sense of place" in their work. Also, to find out what 'home" and "place" means to them and expressing it through art and music. The students in the program are made up of Juniors and Seniors working at an advanced level. They take what they already know or specialized in art or music and take it one step further. Most of the students' advanced work is work that they have done independently ten or more hours a week to become more knowledgable and skillful as artists or musicians. The programs weekly schedule consists of lectures, guest speakers, gamelan, seminars, wood/metal shop, field trips, and other workshops. The program also consists of two faculty members; Joe Fedderson, who is the art faculty and Sean Williams, who is the music faculty.

The two designers of the program web site are Julia Wieser and Carol Hansen. Both Julia and Carol are students of the Envisioning Home program and they created the web site as part of their advanced work. You can find more information about them by going to the Julia and Carol Page.

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