Enduring Stories

Spring quarter 1999

Well as we enter this next quarter each of us working on vastly disparate research and ethnography projects I was just a little bit wary of allowing this page to fall to the way side in Sherri's absence.  This page will not be in constant construction.   I hope that it is something that will be valuable to the people who use it as an exchange of information that occurs to them outside of class.  At the least contributions of useful and or interesting information/links on religion anthropology demographics and immigration that you find would be much appreciated.

Just to be pragmatic I am starting with the  page that was left,  and will add an updated schedule.

Of Note

 If you have any links of interests, send the http address on to myejes23@elwha.evergreen.edu

The fall quarter web page can still be viewed along with the winter page which still refuses to be out done. All links should still be accessible.


A new schedule,  and syllabus will be coming soon.

Regarding the color scheme:  send comments. 

I will publish student contributions: ideas, themes to discuss, books to read. Check this space for details. Until automation is setup, email myejes23@elwha.evergreen.edu any contributions.

All New items will be marked on a weekly basis. Scan the page quickly for New items. 


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Student Contributions

Interesting web links:

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