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Look here for important notices !!!
Check week three for new changes.  No week's syllabus is final until the end of the first day of that week.  So check for changes every week.  Week 3 now final, weeks 4-6 semi-final, weeks 7-10 still in flux.
References and information
Mole conversion chart

New Assignments and information
 Goals and expectations remain the same.  Review them. Intellectual journals due once a week to Diana.
 Syllabus in full view - weeks 1-6.  Syllabus in full view - weeks 7-10.
Syllabus, week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6.
 Seminar Paper, Jan 11th
 Poster Paper
 Famine Paper
Winter Assignments
 Stir-fry lab
 Seminar Paper, Jan 4th
Workshop for Jan. 8th 
Other projects
 Check out "the gang"
Book list:
Cod, Kurlansky
Paddy's Lament, Gallagher
Deadly Feast, Rhodes
The Jungle, Sinclair
World Hunger:  12 myths, Lappe

Tutoring Times:
Diana:  Monday 3-5, Place TBA
Suzana:  Tuesday 12-2, Seminar 3161 (same unless notified)
Diana:  Wednesday 1-4, Lab I 1040 (same unless notified)
Suzana:  Thursday 10-12, Seminar 3161 (same unless notified)
Diana:  Friday 3-5, Place TBA

Fall quarter General Information

Welcome letter                    Goals                          Intellectual Journal
Expectations                        Expectations
Syllabus                               Notebooks
Schedule                             Notebook Checklist

Fall Assignments
Homework 1 
Lab 1 - enzy. browning
 Lab 2 - water content of food 
Lab report on water content of food
 Food memory paper assignment 
 Memory paper reading for seminar - Oct 7 
Workshop 1 
Workshop 2
Concept map
Cell Size Workshop
 Mini library research assignment
 5th Week Project on Diet and Nutrition
 Cell in food contest
Poster project

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