Self Paced Mathematics Summer 1999

Self Paced Mathematics
2-4 quarter hours
Masao Sugiyama, ext. 6512
Office: Sem 3167
Learning Resource Center, LIB 3407
Reference #: 98429M
This course is for students who need to review the material contained in either a standard intermediate algebra or precalculus course. Students may earn credits in either intermediate algebra or precalculus. (Please note that the intermediate algebra credits count toward financial aid and good standing, but not toward graduation.) Students work in teams or by themselves and at their own pace under the supervision and support of math tutors and faculty. Students are required to report to a tutor weekly to show evidence of progress.

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) well be open during the summer, Tuesday and Thursday from Noon to 6PM. Students should check in with a tutor during the first week for assignments and other information.

See the description and covenant for further information.