Concepts of Computing, Section II

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Seminar Assignments

Wednesdays, March 29 through May 31 (JJ absent May 24), 7:30 -- 9:30 pm, Library 2220

The readings/seminar part of the course is 3 credits (out of 8 total).

We will read and discuss about half of a book each week.

For April 5, read the first half of Cuckoo's Egg (through chapter 30, page 163 in the paperback edition).

Each week, bring a very short report on your reading, with one or two sentences on each of these three items:

  1. A brief description of the content of the reading.
  2. Something in the reading that you found notable or memorable. It could be a fact or an opinion that the author expressed.
  3. A reponse to the reading: an observation, opinion, or question of your own.

For example, here is my report in this format on the March 30 lecture by Peter Jekel:

The lecture was about networks and network security. I was surprised to learn that an ordinary personal computer on a cable modem might be probed by hackers several times a day. It made me wonder why the networks and system software are so vulnerable -- why didn't the manufacturers make it more secure?

Each week, there will be a short quiz on the reading, consisting of three short-answer questions, perhaps a few more. The questions will be easy to answer if you have done the reading.

Your evaluation in the readings and seminar will be largely based on your report and your quiz.

  • Lectures
  • Readings
  • Seminar
  • Lab
April 5, 12 Hafner, Lyon Where Wizards Stay Up Late 1996
April 19, 26 Stoll Cuckoo's Egg 1989
May 3 Tenner Why Things Bite Back 1997
May 10 Ullman Close to the Machine 1997
May 17, 31 Brin Transparent Society 1999


  • Lectures
  • Readings
  • Seminar
  • Lab
April 1, 15 HTML Castro, HTML for the WWW
April 29
May 12, 13, 27
Visual Basic Perry, VB in 21 Days

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