TESC has operated the Reservation Based, Community-Determined Degree Program for ten years. This program enables Native Americans living on remote reservations to obtain a bachelor's degree without having to leave their tribal communities. The target audience for this program consists primarily of adults who are employed by the tribe in social service, health, education, environmental, or tribal governance capacities.                                                                 

The Evergreen State College currently operates its Reservation Based, Community-Determined Degree Program at five sites in Western Washington, providing upper division coursework to tribal students wishing to complete their degrees. These sites are located on reservations in Taholah, serving the Quinalt Tribe; in Neah Bay, serving the Makah Tribe; in Port Gamble, serving the Port Gamble S'Klallam and surrounding tribes; in Shelton, serving the Skokomish Tribe; and in Auburn, serving the Muckleshoot Tribe.

Just recently there is to be a new site opened at the Nisqually Tribe.


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