Strategic Business Policies for the 21st Century

Cynthia Kennedy
Office: SE3164Faculty
Phone: (360)866-6000 ext.5009
Akihito Nishide
Office: SE3124
Phone: (360)866-6000 ext.6593
Dean Olson
Office: SE3152
Phone: (360)866-6000 ext 6433
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This program is shaped by the belief that liberal arts graduates bring a special kind of talent to the study and practice of business management. Liberal arts graduates are 'big picture' thinkers. They are skilled at framing the larger issues that often drive strategic thinking in public and private organizations. Liberal arts graduates, and Evergreen graduates in particular, learn how to use collaborative processes which enable them to span and build upon differences between theory and application, ethnicity, gender, and discipline. They do this by becoming strong critical thinkers and active listeners. They do this by communicating ideas clearly in written format and oral forum, and by reasoning about ethical principles and moral outcomes. A liberal arts graduate will know enough about finance, marketing, organizational behavior and other disciplines to know when this expertise is needed and how to get it, but will not devote the bulk of their educational resources to any given area of specialized knowing. Their special skill is in putting the elements together into a comprehensive strategic plan which will be competitively successful and ethically consistent with their sense of what is right, just and fair.

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