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Nov. 11, 1999

Rob's sofa/bed has found a home.

Oct. 27, 1999

Message to those Shelter students interested in GIS portion of the People in Places study: I put a spreadsheet data entry form in the shelter file folder (in Groups2 in the Masu Server) of the Cal lab. Also in the same program folder is a short readme file that you should consult before starting. See the previous announcement to view or download these documents from the web. Please also call me (office phone 6476) if you have questions. Thanks, Tim

Oct.26, 1999

TIM SAYS: Please look at the file called input data. This is the excel file that you can use to input data. The first two rows are filled out only as an example. Make sure that each human number you record in your spread sheet corresponds to a number on a real map, which will be used to put a point on the GIS map. Save your input data using a new file name. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have questions (office phone is 6476) and thanks for your help on this part of the project. Here's the input data page.

Oct.23, 1999

Tim asks that everyone read the People In Places Update

Oct. 22, 1999

A tangential item for now: the Knapp/Meyer-Knapp's have a used fold-out foam sofa/bed which has been supplanted here at home. Would anyone in the program have a use for it. It's blue, about 70 inches wide, fabric covering somewhat torn where the thing folds in and out, otherwise in pretty good shape. Available for the asking. Rob's contact info

Oct. 18, 1999

This is your class web page. It is seriously under development. Suggestions are welcome, but please remember that the web lackeys are suffering the same work-load as yourself and must maintain these pages. For the time being, questions, errata, and suggestions regarding the web site should be directed toward


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