People In Places Survey Form

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census zone _____________, Names of surveyors___________________________________________________                               Page ____ of ________      
wind ___________________,       Cloud cover __________________           precipitation ____________________                  
date time human sitting standing sun rain playing walking jogging biking skateboard other (describe) eating smoking talking singing reading sex  
    number SI ST     PL WA JO BI SK OT EA SM TA SI RE    
For people in one spot (SI or ST), when the sun is shining record in the column called "sun" if they are they in the full sun (FS), shade SH, or partial sun (PS).                    
For people in one spot (SI or ST), when it is raining record in the column called "rain", if they are under some cover (CO), under an umbrella (UM), or getting wet (WE).                   
Describe wind according to these categories: calm (smoke rises vertically), light air (slight movement of smoke), light breeze (wind felt on face),                    
gentle breeze (leaves move, flags flutter), moderate breeze (small branches move), fresh breeze (small deciduous trees move),                    
and strong breeze (wind heard as rushing and whistling noises). Describe cloud cover according to these codes: overcast (no blue sky), partly sunny (broken clouds),                    
very sunny (very few or no clouds). Finally, describe precipitation as heavy rain, light rain, very light rain, or drizzle (i.e. fog).                    

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