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Sam Mason says: If anyone is interested in a work camp in Nigeria my family is organizing one. We are leaving for Amsterdam on June 14 and arriving in Kano airport on the 15th. In Nigeria we will visit various compounds associated with the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria, but will be focusing on the Mason Technical School in Garkida. The work camp, as it sounds, involves lots of building and renovating buildings during the day and a lots of singing in the evening. The package including all the transportation and lodging and food and stuff is I believe $3000.00 Bring bug repellent, and lots of pens to bribe officials! There are fantastic examples of buildings which are built from the earth, clay bricks and mud and straw buildings as well as nomadic tree branch and tarp shelters. On a personal note there is also some of the cleanest and hottest air around, and I am looking forward to camping in the middle of nowhere.

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